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You can check it out right there. And also on, on Instagram Tony cats. Yeah, that's worthwhile as well. Jeff daniels. The actor Jeff Daniels. Dumb and dumber Jeff Daniels on CNN seven the conversation about kill a Mockingbird. He's. Let's kill a Mockingbird. And he starts getting into a conversation about Trump. Both course he does. We already know that Jim Carey has co-starring dumb and dumber is absolutely positively vicious with his artwork, which is a good artist but it's just nasty and ugly, and and beyond, you know, was beyond the pale. Contempt is ugly dude with his with his hatred his vitriol, and his and his lack of knowledge as I see it, but Jeff Daniels now is being asked questions about the electorate he does two things in this first. He of course, slams Trump because that's what people do and he takes a shot at the mid west here. Listen to this, children are watching and, and I live in Michigan and. After the election, I was surprised some of the people, you know, I said, can you believe this election, they go? Yeah. Isn't that great and you're going? Whoa, my wife's on Facebook and these go. We've got another Trumper in all. And it's just you didn't see a common Abacus goes through this. I know these people. They're good people. There's there's, there's there are reasons why needs an apologist. He's an enabler. And I think there are people in the midwest between the coast, who don't pretend who don't know anything about who don't care about this. I don't have time for this who have to make a decision. You have to decide whether it like Atticus you believe that there is still compassion decency. Civility respect for others. Do unto others remember that do unto others all that stuff? You guys believe in, and you still voted not for Hillary or for Trump. Where are you now every because your kids are looking at you going, but he lies and, and I think there are a lot of people in the mid west who are gone. It might be enough for them. We're going to find out if you know if the big gamble is to go all the way to November twenty twenty which I agree. And lose is the end of democracy. All right. First things. First, not the end of the moxie calm down. Turns out he does dramas well, come down. Jeff. It's not the end of democracy. We can at least be clear about that. Secondly, your kids are looking up at. Yeah. And that's why many people voted for Donald Trump and that you didn't see it coming says, much more about you. Why didn't you see it coming? You ask yourself that question why didn't you see coming that? Hillary Clinton is a criminal, she's unlikable. She's untrustworthy she's diplomas she's dirty. She can't even figure out what classified means on a document. She can't figure that out. She's been around classified documents, most of her adult life. She's also been dirty and untrustworthy most of our, you know, she was kicked off investigations into Watergate. Right. She was part of, of that she was one of those lawyers, and she was somebody who believed that Richard Nixon, shouldn't have a lawyer, and they're like, okay, we're done with you now we'll just we'll just excuse you here. We'll just just, you know, move you out right there. We were we're good. Thank you very much. I mean that's a that's a special kind of dirty. You know, when when you're not good enough for that investigation. He didn't notice this. He didn't notice this. He didn't notice that Trump was talking about all these forgotten people. You're not a racist. You're not a big working hard to take care of your family. I see you. It's tough to get a job. It should be easy to get a job. We should make things easier on you. He remembered the people who were all forgotten. Those people matter to you have a society, there's more and more technologically advanced technological Cape capable. And you need more people to take on those tech jobs. I don't disagree at all. An anyway. But doesn't mean you abandon people say you can't keep up too bad up. We're going to have same sex marriage. Guess you're not awake enough for woken up for that. And what the hell was that about the mid west? Why did he bring up the midwest and you still voted not for Hillary or for Trump? Where are you now the everybody because your kids are looking up at you going, but he lies and, and I think there are a lot of people in the mid west who are gone. It might be enough for them. We're gonna find out. Little slam to the mid west. I don't take slams to the mid west. I don't take kindly to that kind of nonsense, and he lives in Michigan. He's always proud of Michigan. Always doing ads for for, you know, taking some kind of trip to Michigan. Well, there was a part two to this conversation and here, it's a lot less subtle. You've done Hollywood. You've been New Yorker but you're also you wouldn't Michigan looking all these Democrats is they're not maybe not advocates. But when you look at these Democrats thinking about who could inspire with foreign skills, just savings, Democrats and go. I'm watching that guy or gal. I'm watching intelligence if politics, you know, more than I is a hundred and eighty degrees, swing. I think that's part of the eight years of Obama. Let's go for the whitest guy. We can I mean, I think there's an element out there in the middle of the country. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. That's it's one hundred eighty degrees. Swing. We had eight years of Brock Obama. Let's go for the whitest guy. We can that's something in the middle of the country. Translation, they're racists, in the midwest. They didn't like a black presence. Now, they went for the white guy. There were sixteen white guys. They could have chosen. Why did they choose Donald Trump? The hundred and eighty degrees. Swing was not the idea that they went for the white guy instead of Barack Obama, that's what people like yourself. Tell yourself to get yourself to accept the fact or understand the factor deal with the fact, I should say that Donald Trump is president of the United States. You decide that everybody else had to be a racist. How else could they vote for him? It doesn't dawn on you that Barack Obama was a bad president. A bad guy. He's a bad guy. Now he might be a great father. I don't know. I've never judged him on that. I'm not about to be a great husband. I don't know. I've never judged him on that. I'm not about to. He told you the Cambridge police acted stupidly. He engaged operation fast and furious. He knew that he was lying when he said, you could keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. He knew that he was engaging in a false echo chamber in order to get the joint comprehensive plan of action past. His ideas on Konami like cash for clunkers, and others were total disasters. And he had a disdain. For the American people in that midwest. Like in Michigan. In Indiana in Wisconsin. Parts of Texas and Oklahoma. A disdain. Kind of like you have Jeff. The reason people voted for Donald Trump is because they wanted a white guy. That's what the midwest. That's not true. I didn't live here. In, in the, the Obama days, right? I moved here towards the end of the Obama era and the start of the Trump era. I've been in Indiana in the midwest. For five years. It's been fantastic. Been fantastic Jewish kid in the midwest. No one has ever said to me from around here. Are you boy never once happened? Give me wrong. I've got a lot of emails in my life. No one's interested in your New York sensibilities. Well, New York does mean Jewish that much is true. That much is true. That's what they said. One person said that. Everybody else is like welcome. Do you think I rank the entirety of, of Indiana based on one guy? In on the east coast. They throw you out of restaurants of your conservative on the west coast. They don't let you be in movies work, our movies, if you're a conservative, that's where the bigotry is. I mean, I guess if you search long enough you'll find what it is. You're looking for. They didn't vote for Trump because he was white, but they did vote for Trump because of the hundred and eighty degrees, they wanted somebody who actually thought the country was worthwhile and not the somehow disgusting. Despicable place of drek and filth. That simply have to be remade. As opposed to rebuilt. As opposed to a reminder that the American way of life is the valuable way of life. That's what Trump did for them. That's why he got elected. He said you matter in the country matters. And Brock Obama didn't say that. And Hillary Clinton has never said that because Hillary Clinton did not believe you matter. She only believed that she mattered. And she was going to shatter that glass ceiling. And this was her time so much. So that she screwed Bernie Sanders to the wall to get the nomination. Took control. The Democratic Party controlled the purse strings, the Democratic Party finagle the super delegates and screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. Very possibly, the only chance will ever get to be president of the United States. And that's why people didn't vote for Hillary. And that's why people have disdain for Barack Obama, and that's why they gave Donald Trump a try because they said with Hillary Clinton. I get nothing but with Trump, it's a jump ball. I have a fifty fifty shot tonight. I said, I'm pretty happy with my choice Nabi on everything. But you never going to be happy about everything, you know, it's, it's like dumb and dumber to. Who, who could be happy with that? I'm Tony cats. Another news update is minutes away. Hang less for gas. The state average went down a couple of cents the Daniel ties soon as July. Get the facts eighty died in a hot car here went into an auto Clark stores eighty-five degrees nut just the talking point. Let's go right that dealing with Iran out of military power on their doorstep. I'm not somebody that wants to go into war, setting the stage.

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