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The sounds like it makes sense it it makes sense a seven hundred bucks are ready we're seeing the oneplus t wool hints the little triggers going on and who knows what that might be praised but we're talking about the screen technology than audio i mean teach x which is whether some subsidiaries yeah had to deal with it stereo speakers and just a bunch of other turn of back uh you know back flanking of of franchises coming its port this thing and so we ultimately have to arrive at a question though is gaining a killer app that has been missing from the smartphone market i think this is going to be a really interesting first test case is if razor can start building a core user base to become evangelists really built around that idea of mobile gaming um i i think it's a it's a section of smartphone use which is often overlooked i'm ugly talk about gaming in our reviews and stuff but i think for a lot of people out there you're going to spend seven hundred dollars on a phone gaming is one of those activities that kills phone batteries right you know you don't want to have your phone dead at y'all before dinnertime because you still need your phone as a primary communications device when yogi games eat through battery life a lot more aggressively now i think razor has done exactly the right play in talking about fastcharging technologies and a larger baroness acid normal fooling system that they have arnon angels not an obscene hopefully keep your phone running more efficiently and i can say i can get through a significant amount of of marvel future fight on my maiden made nine because this battery is john morris compared to a lot of other devices in its class especially a lot of other devices at his price point so i i i guess i'm i'll be really curious to see do you think people are gonna are are are going to latch on to this idea do you think will get enough people to latch onto this idea that we can build a found fan base around it because this isn't the same argument that like a one pluses making.

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