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The age of seven a fade explains. The seven year old is when you're cutting hair, and it shows the detail of your cut. She's already made her Mark in barber competitions across Texas and her family's now scraping together. The to send it to the nationals. In moose jaw says catch up Canada way. They're determined to take back their crown for having the world's biggest statue of a moose MAC. The moves held that record for thirty one years until nearly four years ago. So Norwegians put up a bigger one not far Ramaz low. It's not even a foot taller than the Canadian moves. And yet things have not been the same in moose jaw since those Norwegians put up. There's the town is now taking suggestions for legit ways to help MAC regain his crown as the tallest moose speaking of crowns, once gestion was that Maccabi outfitted with a hat. Put him on skates was when idea, but the top suggestion has been to give Maccabi Iraq to make his Antlers bigger. An antler extension fundraiser is now underway. Although both countries have reason to honor moose concerns that is in moose. Jaw says Canada's national pride is on the line. And we can't lose it to Norway. Over a moose. Police were conducting a search when they found the alligator at home not in Florida, but Long Island New York, the SPCA is handing off the foot long gator to a sanctuary and Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania Ammann's is his pet. Gator is an emotional support animal. Most of the time. Wally gator hangs in the three hundred gallon pond in his owners living room is hobbies include hiding in the cupboards and watching TV Joey Henny who did a decade of TV hunting and fishing shows has a four and a half foot long alligator as a pet and sure he he's attached to Wally. But he also takes Wally on outings to visit the elderly at an assisted living development north of your PA. He's just like a dog. He tells them. It was dogged that ultimately cornered twenty nine year old Dominick multi after he took off running a traffic stop in the land Florida, but it was the horses the Jays Dominic into the canines clutches Dominic tried to hide under a tree after fleeing his car that didn't work out. So he took off running through a field of horses who gave chase until he found a fence to jump just in time to meet up with the police dogs, a police helicopter, the whole thing on video and posted it on Twitter humans machines and animals worked together to capture a young Dominic multi in Chicago lands Lake County, Illinois, they were looking for a man who had endangered the life of a child and the lives of others. The best news is no one was injured. The nine year old girl is okay. But the thirty one year old male relative being sought by police had ridden shotgun as the nine year old girl. Drove herself to school school employs saw. Aw. Her pull up to the drop off. He had the girl drive because his license had been suspended. It's still is. On potty Vedra beach in Florida. A Honda SUV was swept away by the high tide as its owners were distracted by this week spectacular. Lunar eclipse they were in the at the time but managed to escape before the vehicle is lost to the sea. Until it could be towed out the next day. Tales from the eclipse, Florida style in West Palm Beach, Florida a couple in their mid twenties laid down on a darkened road to get their best view of the eclipse. That's when the cop ran over them. It didn't see them. It was dark. The officer was only doing about five miles an hour. So neither moon. Gazer was seriously injured this time. And finally don't take on a snowman. You can't handle Kentucky's. Cody lutts was proud of the giant snowman he'd build with the help of his bride to be and her sister Lucy and her sister help design the construction of the snowman it turns out their contribution was genius. Because as you may have heard over the past hour, there are mean people in the world one of them used a truck of some kind to try to vandalize the snowman built by Cody his fiancee and her sister, but karma can sometimes be instant the tire tracks Cody found a few days after the snowman was built confirmed that someone rammed. A big vehicle into it. Only to discover that. It's base was built around a sturdy tree stump him plus Burbank. Thanks for listening and for supporting this free. News buzz, Burbank dot com. I'll be.

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