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Me now. One on steve. Harvey got a radio. Show yeah man. Born god has been good to me. I can't really count it all. You need them. you know. it's all in perspective. You really can't count. All the god is don't for you if you look at every little thing. It's unbelievable the things he's done for us. How many times we were through something without even talking to him about he just he just blessed us with it. How many you know is is so much that the fact that you wake up in the morning the fact that you still have a place to stay the fact that you're maybe struggling out here but guess what you still going to work you. You know living check to check but but you're making it all you got. All the plates spinning you know is hard. You got a lot of plates spinning. But you keep them up to someone evan. I near one break but he put to mow backup. Look a little bit better and you got to get to spend them so it all works And then you got a lot of people who are just. Kate seem to mentally. Put it together as to you. Know why their life is in a position that they wanted to be. We talk about this often terms but trying to angle which today you know maybe issue. Have you ever thought about that. Maybe it's you maybe. It's no external force. That's at fault like you keep making the excuse to be you know so. Many people are here well. If this hadn't done this if he hadn't done that if she hadn't done that. I would have been further long. I wasted all my time my years. This man and he did this and i could have been here. I could have been there and this woman. She did this to me. If she hadn't done ask. I could have been here and how could have been there. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's not really that external forces that you keep making it out to be see. I've done this to myself before the once again. I'm talking to you about something i know about. I've done this to myself before. I've had the reason i wasn't where i wanted to be. I had it figured out as some external force. I had worked it out in my mind. Clearly it wasn't me because of so and so or this hadn't happened in. They hadn't done this. I would have been further alone the road. That's what i was saying but wollo hold on. That bar learned a valuable lesson minute. See if you don't ever let it go is going to be hard for you to go if you don't ever let it go. It's going to be hard for you to go. I was listening to bishop. Td jakes one. Day and i heard him say you drive your car. If you keep looking in the rear view mirror you go outside and try. Try to drive your car but keep your eyes in the rear view mirror. All you're looking at all you looking at it. That rear view mirror is where you passed or should have passed something. You should have moved on from. All you do is looking in that rear view mirror at what happened back there. If you don't stop looking in the rear view mirror you're gonna crash your car over and over and over again or you got to slow it down so bad in order for you to keep looking a net rear view mirror if you don't learn to let it go. It's going to be hard for you to go forward because you keep reviewing the past. The past is the past. And i know his heart man. I watched a show in this lady said well. I just can't forgive them for that. Well guess what guess what. God may have already forgiven that person. That person may be extremely remorseful. Could have gone to god. And god's forgiveness fort years ago but you you sit here and you keep hanging onto the i k ever. Forgive that Then i heard. Bishop jakes come on. Show one time and say some that really really struck. You keep drinking the poison way known your enemy today. He said that. I just shook my head and will. Wow you drinking the poison. Wait known your enemy to die. Revenge is poison to you. You know if hatred is poisoned to you unforgiving nece when you won't forgive a person that person could be going on what they life may two right with. God don't know how you feel in they skipping through life now you make adjustments every time you see and it takes energy man. It takes so much energy to hate. It takes so much energy not to forgive to that. Come in the room. You got to stay over here Oh hey calm now. You've got to make a situation over here. They come into the house. It's family reunion or here. They come where they're going to be in the basement. And i'm going to bill on the floor. I wanna go ahead and get some barbecue shiite to add the barbecue. Stand all i want barbecue. I just eat potato salad. People might take themselves all out of position trying to make adjustments. When if you it would simplify your life if you would let just let it go. Maybe you a way. You need to be cosmodrome. External forces altogether. Maybe you now where you need to be causey you. 'cause you won't let it go. You won't move forward. Look this lady's let's say you've been in situation with the man for years. It didn't work out for whatever the reason. It just didn't work out. I got what you say he did. I got what he did. I got he All of that yada yada yada when you give. Philip did not get you through. It did not he allow you to survive it..

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