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I'm Rick franchise of the Lisa Jaffe Jeremy graders are editor among our top stories president trump is tossing out a resolution meant to limit his ability to direct military action against Iran he vetoed what he called a very insulting war powers resolution the measure was introduced after trump ordered a military strike that killed a top Iranian general in January locally how to get Washington back on a solid economic footing post covert nineteen that's the task of a new bipartisan state Senate committee form today to recommend legislation on the long term economic recovery from the pandemic the president's coronavirus task force is still operating despite earlier reports from the White House that it would be winding down yeah you've been hearing about this in our news from the top and bottom of the hour and A. B. C. and let's go to the B. B. C. news Washington DC correspondent Andy field to learn more about what's going on and the why the about face today which was delivered I guess by a presidential tweet this morning it was the president responded I will read you his quote verbatim you said I felt we could wind it down sooner but I had no idea how popular the task forces which is an interesting statement because it has forced job is not to be popular but to help the president and other government agencies find their way out of this crisis a lot of variety of levels and they've done some of those things by the helping get respirators the hospitals ramp up production of mass try to get testing out there those are all parts of what the task force is supposed to do but the crisis is far from over and the president was suggesting and is pushing very hard to reopen the government and said he wanted something different well he later said that he spoke to quote very respected people who told them it is better to keep the task force going which begs the question why the president didn't speak to those same very respected people before he made the announcement that he was going to call us today now you've got a hundred and eighty degree switch almost as a delegate keep it up and today we heard from his press secretary Andy that as you mentioned in the tweet the president didn't seem to realize the importance of the daily briefings but now does even though I I and this is the curious part some have warned him that his participation in those could be a political liability so of where does he fall in office all right reserved the briefings will be there he actually gave her an interview with the New York Post the other day and they were asking was he frustrated that he couldn't have these rallies to get his message out to the people during the election campaign he said he was and they ask will use the briefing is effective is reaching the people you want to reach to route to get reelection as as the as your rallies and he suggested that indeed the word because the ratings as he continues to talk about the popularity I work very hard so the president seemed to suggest that part of the reason he was doing these daily briefings was to almost substitute or make up for the fact that he wasn't getting whistle blows we have these campaign rallies the coronavirus task force was sent to me today despite all this it behind the scenes any news anything developed out of their meetings today no but there you know certainly there's great frustration and and you folks in Seattle have been dealing with this far longer than the rest of the country hi but there is there's great frustration for people who are losing their jobs are going to have a new jobs report out tomorrow that's going to be as devastating as the ones we've seen before we go up to something like sixteen percent unemployment in this country which is a staggering number of people out of work in the present he's pushing for it Maryland's governor who's been pretty conservative about this and he's a Republican is saying we're going to depart told the water re opening tomorrow but we're also seeing in many states including Texas and Florida when they start reopening beaches are we opening these places will people start together the number of Kobe cases start to soar and that is the one with a lot of states are having the frustration not only the president every state governor the people who live in those states are having right now certainly an ongoing situation in Washington state with the various phase ins of getting things back to somewhat of a normal situation over time all right thank you very much that is A. B. C.'s Andy field in Washington DC come on it's time for twenty Jim Tesco now with our propelling Sharon's money update stock fell to a fairly narrow range today finishing mixed the Dow Jones industrials retreated two hundred eighteen points of the S. and P. five hundred east twenty but the nasdaq composite rose forty five the third straight events for the tech heavy index General Motors is reportedly planning to restart several of its factories on may eighteenth the great news says the automaker sent out alerts to that effect to you A. W. members at the impacted factories yesterday this morning GM reported first quarter profit and total revenue that not surprisingly fell from a year ago but beat expectations as U. S. truck sales rose sharply that's your money now money news at twenty and fifty past the hour commute conditions coming up.

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