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We tax chat right now at Tim Healy of Newsday as for us baseball tonight, you're out in LA for game three the series tied up at one coming in. You know, you were there in Milwaukee this week one of the guys have been talking about a lot as a potential target for the Mets this off season is yes, Monte Grondahl. Can you add to what exactly did we see in game one where he said amazing game a couple of passed balls even pinch hits engaged to hit into a double play. But he's back in the starting lineup today. But is that something that Mets fed should be making note of here? I think you do make note of it because it was a really ugly outing too fast balls to errors all in the first three innings of that game one. But overall, you know, it's it's not like grin doll has. A reputation as being, you know, a real bad bender or anything along those lines. He's actually a pretty good catcher. And you kinda have to be you're going to be the starting catcher for the dodgers during this run of and LCS's that they've had the past few years. But you know, you you filed away and you make note of it. 'cause maybe the game did beat up on them in those moments. Maybe he got carried away in the moment, or or whatever you wanna call it. It was a a bad look for him for sure. But more than anything, I think it was just a a weird. Look more of a blip. Of things just happens. Sometimes perhaps an ingrained Dow Wilson romo's could potentially be a couple of targets for the Mets behind the plate this off season both those guys free agents. And then you look at this game tonight. And it's funny to me we always talk about starting pitching matchups. And that's always been the standard of where you go. And now in these postseason games like it doesn't even matter. Can you get to the bullpen who do you have there? How does Josh hater loom over this series as he's once again available today game three I think he looms less today than he did in game one because Josh Hader, being who he is which is to say, you know, an extremely dominant relief pitcher he he can change the game. He can read you from those middle innings to the late innings or just finish it off, you know, depending on when he gets the ball seventh eighth ninth inning. That said he did go three innings in game. One had the next two days off is available again today. But I would be shocked if he went more than two innings today. It's a little bit of a different animal right now for the rivers since they have to play three games in a row. So I'm a little skeptical of how hard they've been riding their bullpen, Jeremy Jefferson cork naval ball pitch games. One and two had yesterday off obviously. But it's I it's been a busy month already for them. And they're only maybe halfway through this. You anticipate maybe more traditional use of a pitching staff tonight. Even with Jolie chef seen starting for the brewers. I'm not I'm not confident that it's going to be more traditional, but I'm also not super confident in the Milwaukee bullpen right now. You know, I I don't know Craig counsel is gonna play it. My guess would be Jesse wouldn't go more than three or four innings unless he's really dominating. Like, wait Miley the other night who pitched into the sixth? But I it feels like we're seeing signs of fifty from the Milwaukee relievers day off yesterday helps, but they just you know, the ways the first two games went. They're not really giving off confidence inducing vibes right now. And they're pushing me three days rest in game five..

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