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Yep they went oh eight oh nine ten and eleven the war or the mavericks swept them they ran out of gas in the fourth year i mean i think sometimes fans underestimate just how hard it is to keep going deep into the playoffs like it's difficult mentally it's difficult physically it's a difficult task like there is a reason that team's going to the finals four years in a row is exceptionally rare all right tony kornheiser and michael wilpon just tackled this subject the question that i just asked you let's listen in on pti if they think the warriors are in serious trouble breaking news from california tony klay thompson has suffered a fractured thumb on his shooting head his splash and he's going to be on at least two weeks reportedly immediately this means a warriors down three all stars for tonight's game at home against the lakers and tomorrow's in phoenix steph curry still out with a bomb ankle draymond green has assorted ailments and now thompson in all including david west who's out a little bit the dubs down five of their race the rotation players tony could the weight of all of this particularly with this news about thompson sink the i'm going to dismiss the weight of all this and i'm going to concentrate on thomson because this is a very big deal thompson is cal ripken he plays he always plays this is the thumb on his shooting yes this if it's this stumbling around it i don't care this is very very important and this is what i will say about him to me is the wildcard on that team the other players the margins don't vary much you know what curry's going to give you and you know what durant is going to give you and you know pretty much would green is going to give you may not be sure about the points but you know most of it thompson can go for thirteen or forty five or fifty to me he's the guy that keeps the other teams defense honest so to me this is a very big deal he's the most underappreciated of that star.

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