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More at Cox dot com It's three O 8 Traffic and weather on the 8s once going to Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic center Bethesda toward the American legion bridge on the outer loop on the bridge one stopped apparently broken down blocking the far right lane into college park from I 95 south and onto the inner loop The damaged vehicle was being moved from the second lane to the left onto the left shoulder but it's still slow south of 202 12 to go south on the interloop Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound here 32 crash moved from the left onto the right shoulder northbound lanes are open off to a slow start a little slower than it would otherwise be Otherwise routine volume delays around the region and throughout Northern Virginia 66 westbound heavier than it should be under nutley street nothing visible in camera yet maybe not at all In Clifton they're going to keep Main Street blocked between chapel road and the railroad crossing for railroad work It was a difficult morning and if they hang out a little longer and more work needs to be done it could be a slow afternoon getting into and through Clifton Braddock road westbound beyond campus drive picking up a work zone in the district the work on the southeast Southwest freeway should be clear but traffic on three 95 remains heavy through southwest This traffic report is sponsored by eagle bank clearing the road for you and your business to soar higher learn more to eagle bank warp dot com member FDIC Dave dillin WTO traffic Storm team four four day forecast What's going on with Mike Stanford We're going to say a good deal Cloud cover this afternoon with a chance of a few sprinkles of rain Our highest upper 60s to lower 70s We'll see some live showers tonight Those upper 50s to lower 60s.

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