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You're so cool 'cause you're president. I remember. Yeah, that's a Trump card right there. And I'm like, oh, Dolly Parton constantly taking my Pakistan married. Jeez, I'm a wonderful person. Where are you from, man? I'm from Indiana. And so he's got his Indianapolis. That was one of the ways that Jenny and I connected online 'cause that's a big Houston Texans fan. We're in the same division. So it's funny because, you know, I grew up in Indiana went to school at a place called depaul university, which was a free catch. Not the one with the L in Chicago. It's a smaller one. But, you know, and then I couldn't wait to get out of there. I'm like, I'm getting out of here. I'm moving, I can't put this place in my rearview mirror. I moved to LA. And I was like, that's not so bad. You know, so it's one of those places I appreciate as the years have gone by and my folks still live there and it's kind of a great I've got an 11 year old son and so we take him back there for a little country living and I appreciate it much more now for sure. Yeah. When you strike me as like a real like you're more of a dudes dude than I am for sure, which anybody basically. But like no, I shouldn't have explained when I said that Eric's achieves fan. He was a cult. I knew that. Okay, I didn't know. I'm still not great. But I watched a Tony Awards the other night and I thought of you because I just watched the first one was to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Oh, yeah. Hell of a win. But yeah, Danny, you're not. It's not like I'm not like a, you know, I enjoy, I enjoy a good match. You like to watch the sports. I watch the sports at least up until the intermission. Yeah. Camaraderie. Are you in New Jersey guy? Is that what you have? I grew up liking the Giants and I also grew up liking sadly the next. Which was in Les mis. And I was like, the very first baseball game I ever went to, which I don't really remember that much as I was like four years old, but I just had I was at Shea stadium for the 69 mets. What? 69. Yeah, 69, 9. Nice, nice. But yeah, so I like them that. That 86 series is one of the like, that was like a year where it was like, basically, I think giants won the mets one and then Syracuse went to the finals only to lose to Indiana. Syracuse is your Alma mater too. Here's my Alma mater, so I was not a huge fan of mister knight, but I wasn't either if I'm honest see what's a real prick. Although I did like the movie, I like the movie hoosiers quite a bit. Now we're talking best sports movie of all time. No question. He was a chore. Oh man, and he was a God in Indiana. Oh, I still use for some people, but you know, I always was like, how does he even as a kid? I'm like, how does it get away with this stuff? It was just a grouchy asshole. Yeah. Well, that's it. But there's a movie called blue chips. Oh, I can't believe that. Okay. Fucking amazing. It's one of my favorites. Right? It holds up. It holds up. It holds up amazing. It's a movie where Nick Nolte basically plays this Bobby Knight character..

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