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Drago would have called those those places dirt but but he did direct warming up to any have the concept of sovereign places beyond right i was thought he saying you're homeland is not dirt an illegal land like he's showing her some respect show the oca and the end showing that they're kinda warming up to each other a lot more gotcha no i mean this is where like when people start talking about the romance of danny and yet they're talking about these episode right does the whole mood my life my son and stars and all that chair is pretty fuck and romantic professing to take all of west rose for her pray now i guess typically i kid ray abbott it's for her like in this moment she wants to thrown he's going to get it for but that's the thing like i i remember like when i was first watching this media pump the brakes because it's a it's a short walk from uh requested nagging and i only drove the kind of guy you wanted to nag for the throne sure um but you know works out like you have this threat to her life uh was the leverage she needed to move him off his position of like afc west rose yes tirias but um yeah i i i i just i know this is another a pretty great scene i thought and yet it is an a georgia afterward explaining kind of how the thrones taken the first time by the turkish areas i did it with dragons they don't have any dragons anymore so good luck taken the throw and also jordan bean counter even skeptical about dragons i thought that we're little in interesting choice the fact that like.

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