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A rather suggest. Yeah, is this is a in the recent article in recent article of journal neuroscience youngsters, employ a model based approach using three different economic gains the dictate. So this could be coming up in the season. Dig Jada game, automate him game in the trust game, and each game is one who is just interesting linked to it. To check out very article beyond me article a little bit beyond me. You know, it's a little bit. He's for me to read Wikipedia in this about the Jacksonville Jaguars American professional football franchise and Jacksonville, Florida as they're in the NFL in the AFC cell's division, and they play their games at TI AA Bank field. They joined with Carolina Panthers in his expansion teams for the nineteen ninety five season. They won division championships in nineteen ninety eight nineteen ninety. Nine members of the now defunct AFC central in his twenty seventeen as members of the AFC south of qualified for playoffs seven times most recently twenty seventeen after ten season drought, if from the reception to twenty seven, their owned by Wayne Weaver. See in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Nine hundred eighty nine. A group of touchdown. Jacksonville was gonna trying to get people to bring this thing. See ninety four had Tom Coughlin is a coach of the Jaguars. Let's get to bro. You know, let's get to this. I think we'll talk about Blake Bortles but this is a lot of history. Well, then ahead Jack del Rio. We'll just talk about this year because that's when the present high point two thousand litter twenty thirteen four and twelve. So that's not good. Let's see. In twenty four teen j. were selected Blake Bortles from university of central Florida in murky Salihi for university of southern California. And so then as c. twenty seventeen with twenty of cap space work with Jacksonville's splurged in free agency. Adding defensive tackle John Jackson from Denver Broncos. Like a lot of new players to have ten talents. They fell in the second on the twenty six lactobacillus a be colts in international game. Eh, but then their coach lost ninety games in a row. And twenty seventeen. They said interim coach, Doug Marrone who coach Syracuse university. I think there's going to be the new head coach. And see, Tom Coughlin was going to be like soon executive the when. We fifteen. It'd be detections clinched. I laughing appearance. The b. two Buffalo Bills in their first playoff win than be the Steelers in Heinz field. And then they lost to the patriots. Yeah. So. See the, they like y, let's see their logo silver helmet te'o, gold and silver with black accents other colours gold leaking leaping Jaguar. One of the. Our main dispatcher says too much that's now our logo that looks like logo when our competitors. And. See they figure that out. So is a little bit about him. Great episode of ninety nine PI about Schwartz uniforms mostly about NBA informed should check that out. What about Saint John's couch? Because they never did look it up. It's a Saint John's couch at the university of Sydney or the college of Saint John's evangelist residential college within the university Sydney establish eighteen fifty seven. It's oldest Roman Catholic and second oldest University College in Australia. It's a co, educational community of two hundred and fifty undergraduate postgraduate students. So people probably know Chidi pretty well there. It's a nice small school. It was established as a Benedictine foundation by archbishop polled, ING who had formerly been in English Benedictine month at downside abbey. End of the Bennett, English Benedict ings were prominent in raising public support for the founding of Saint. John's. Let's see the curve to gossip style relic box in chapel. Okay, that's interesting. This is a little bit about it architecture here. It is. In February eighteen fifty nine William Wilkinson Wardell the architect to Saint Mary's cathedral in Sydney and St. Patrick's cathedral Melbourne was appointed the architecture Saint John's college. Say working from for dessert from his designs for Melbourne, grew up

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