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Inbounded Forest Hill. Some problems there. With the signaling problem at Forest Hill about a 10 to 15 minute delay. And, of course, keep in mind with the temperature's being below freezing and the light precipitation. Slippery conditions could be on the South shore and then also on the north side of town, North and west. We had so much snow yesterday, Lots of snow drifts out there on narrowing the streets that a lot of spots Laurie Grandi, WBC's traffic on the threes. All right there, Laurie and yes, slippery conditions out there this morning, fourth day, not a whole lot of sunshine out there, but we should be staying dry outside of a few morning flurries. Eyes into the upper thirties with plenty of clouds. We got sunshine know and could be about 40 degrees tomorrow Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Good morning. I'm Jim McKay. And here are the five things you need to know. At 5 45 of the Baker Administration, hoping employers will start offering vaccines for employees, the report, saying they have two plans. They hope they can get businesses to sign off on three people able to survive a small plane crash in Leicester last night, getting help from nearby snowmobilers and rescue crews combing through nearly 2 Ft of snow. Jeff Bezos will be stepping down as CEO of Amazon later this year. However, still with broad influence on the company remaining on as executive chair in the Celtics win his last night on the road, a Golden State Bruins take on the Flyers tonight in Philly. It's 5 46 health officials now on high alert five cases of that nuke ofit variant discovered here in Massachusetts. Meantime, WBC's Carl Stevens breaking down the latest numbers from the Department of Public Health, which Are starting to look promising. Looking at this latest virus update from the state Department of Public Health. We see a lot of numbers moving in the right direction at lows for the year in terms of covert hospitalizations, estimated number of active cases positivity rates for the first time this year, there are fewer than 2000 newly confirmed cases for the day. That's partly because there were only 61,000 tests, but it's also because the seven day positivity rate keeps going down. It's now a 3.44%. Also going down the number of covert patients in hospitals at more than 1600. Just two weeks ago, there were more than 2200 covert patients in hospitals. Carl Steven stop DBT Boston's news radio at 5 46. It is a numbers game on Capitol Hill House and Senate Democrats, saying.

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