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The FBI is reporting that there are credible threats of violence for Sunday at the Minnesota and Michigan State Capitals. Yahoo News reports The evidence for an attack is laid out in a memo written by the FBI's Minneapolis division. The report says. Some followers of the violent Boogaloo group attended protests in early December at the Minnesota state capital to identify escape points and defensible positions of if violence occurred. The FBI warned yesterday that pro testing impossible violence could happen at every state's capital and the U. S capitol in the coming weeks. Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for capital writers to be placed on TSZ no fly list. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says the state Capitol building is unsafe. It was announced yesterday that the open carry of firearms in Michigan's Capitol building was banned. But Nestle argues there's no mechanism in place to check if people in the building are concealed, carrying weapons or explosives. Ah bomb threat was reported to Michigan's Capitol building the day after the Capitol writes in D. C. Online shopping is growing to new heights in the U. S. Over the 2020 holiday season. E commerce sales screwed over 32% from the previous year, with American spending a record $188 billion. Analysts say the increased comes as more people are shopping online due to the pandemic. WGN SPORTS Chicago Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colton has agreed to a two year contract extension. This is his third season leading the team Blackhawks Open the season tomorrow at Tampa Bay, and you can catch all the action here on 7 20 WGN. Tonight's Bull's game against the Celtics has been postponed because of Covitz safety protocols. Forecast from the per Maciel Weather Center today. Partly sunny temperatures in the mid thirties. Tonight we dropped to the upper twenties. It will be mostly cloudy and then mostly cloudy tomorrow, with temperatures back in the upper thirties your money on WGN. The Dow is now up 26 points at 31,037. NASDAQ Up 23 points at 13,059, the S and P 500. Is down a fraction of a point of 37 98. It's 32 degrees in Bartlett, 34 in Waukegan and 34 degrees on the lakefront. I'm Lauren Lap.

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