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Hi, everybody. Welcome to best seller TV. I'm Taryn Winter. Brill. We're here with Shelly are shambo. She's the author of Unapologetically ambitious, Take risks, break barriers and create success on your own terms. Shelly, It's so great to have you with us. Oh, it's wonderful to be here, Taryn. Thank you so much. So first up. Tell us about this. This very powerful title. It really strikes you because before I opened the cover, or I thought to myself have you had to apologize up to this point, so to speak for your ambition throughout your life? You know, the answer is yes, but I was little little kid. You know, I've been being ambitious was actually okay. But then I found when I got into business, people would say, Oh, you're ambitious, and it was not meant as a compliment. Right? Uh, yeah, And that's ridiculous. That's what you do it. So when it came time to write this book and cup of the title, I knew I wanted the word ambition in it someplace because I'm like that's this is what it's really all about. And the whole unapologetic piece. Well, that got inspired because I was having a conversation with my friends talking about the importance of or how often if you will, women apologize, and I'm like, you know what? That's it? Unapologetically ambitious. Everyone deserves the right to be ambitious, and nobody should have to apologize for it. Yeah, I mean, you're so successful. I love the book because we really get such a personal portal into you know your your ambition and your success through life, but That said, I just want to bring up. What? What? You just referred to where you want to those women that actually apologize. Was that something? You you had to learn how not to do so. Absolutely. I remember when I first got married. Um, you know, my husband would step on my foot and I would apologize. There's obviously my foot was in his way, right? I mean, yes, I was definitely one of those over apologizes and I literally had to work on it not to apologize all the time because of business. Honestly, it makes us look weak. Women apologize not because we actually did something wrong when we do that, probably 5% of the time, but the other 95% is we use it like salt. It just makes everything better. Right? It's smooth feathers that makes let people know we care about them and that we empathize and, you know, we use it just to ease tensions. And we got to stop doing that. But that said, Why do you think men don't do that? I mean, don't they want to do all the things you just mentioned as well? I don't think so. I asked my husband I said I told him. I said, You never apologize. There's somebody talk about apologize, but I said No, you don't. He said Shelly, If I've done something wrong, that's completely my fault. I apologize. Did you hear that definition? Completely my fault. Wow. Talk about it definition for what An apology is needed. So Shelly, All that said, is that the reason why you wanted to put this in writing for our benefits is sort of discussed all these times where you feel you had to apologize and barriers you broke through. Hmm. It's interesting. It wasn't so much all my apologizing that made me want to write the book, but maybe want to write. The book is I knew the odds weren't in my favor, and I spent my entire career being intentional and trying to improve my odds to get what I wanted. And I want to be able to share with others how they can do the same thing. Whole unapologetically piece. Really. It just came through is the title kind of as the bonus piece because I talk about that, too. But the core message on the book is how to get what you want out of life. Professionally and personally by being intentional, and I share strategies approaches tactic. Stevenson hacks right for how to do that, because it's hard and people make it so easy and I wanted people so they don't know it's hard and just because it's our don't stop. I want to talk about than how you did it right that. That's the benefit of the book. You mean because who taught? You just said you want to teach others how to do it. So who taught you how to do it? I learned from so many people along the way, you know, there wasn't one that said, Okay, here's the past. It was literally just paying attention and watching people that were successful. It's like okay, What did they do? How did they do that? What was their path? What jobs did they have? And then taking that research and knowledge and building it into my own plan. It was listening. You know, I'm a really good listener. This actually a lot of advice that comes down if you actually listen for it, and then you know. Lastly, it's seeking out help. Nobody does this all by themselves. Talk about how do you go get help? 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