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Show is brought to you, by S P s class black and let me tell you, Chuck Chuck tie A giant of a man who does the job. I've seen him do it. I spent a day watching the whole operation he installed on the egress window in a home a good friend of mine, a member of the Red Wing a long night. And way. Call him Pee wee. But listen, Pee Wee's job was done while I was sitting there with his darling wife and we watched the whole job done. And Chuck Chuck die. He digs a hole. He cuts the wall out. It puts a window in there. He puts a stairway in there to get out because the law says in the United States, if you've got somebody living in your basement, and they can't get out on the house catches fire, and they die. You're going to prison. A simple is that call SPS glass Block phone number 844. 482 73 78 keep those calls coming. If you're thinking of calling now thinking of calling later call now Seize the moment. Let us help you out. Here is the number 808. By 90 double the new Shay are 808 590957 Give us a call. I'm Donald Hammer Schuster, where just moments away from the next segment where company through command Central in the new center area of midtown Detroit for right there in the Golden tower. The Fisher building will last in it out into the sky on the great Voice of the Great Lakes. You're where Detroit comes to talk. New stock. 7 16 W. J R,.

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