Washington, Missouri, Vice Chair discussed on PBS NewsHour - Sen. Blunt: Hard to get 50 senators to pass health bill


Now to the ongoing struggle to craft a health care reform bill in the ussenaterepublican lawmakers are scrambling to draft a new version of their bill before leaving washington for the july4th recess a short time ago i spoke with senatorroyblunt the missouri who is vice chair of the senaterepublican conference i began by asking where the efforts to find compromise stand right now other each challenging and challenged uh we'll see what happens but this is a difficult topic touches every american family in the more more members of the senate and house both know about it i think the harder it is to reach that conclusion you'd like to get well there are reports as you know news reports that the majorityleadermitchmcconnell is trying to come up with accommodations to appeal to both sides of this argument to moderate republicans one of the stories is that he's considering keeping the tax on high income individuals in order to pay for more of the gaps in medicaid coverage and by the way the congressionalbudgetoffice as saying the cuts to medicaid are going to be much deeper than thought in in the future years welli think the what they're saying is in the second 10 years have even more substantial savings are member there are no cuts to medicaid every year and medicaid you spend more money than you spent the year before under this plan but the growth is not as great as it would be if you continue to pay for instance 100 for single abe able bali's dolts we've got a plan here we're the states were said we're told look it will pay a hundred percent for able bodied single adults thoroughly gonna pay an average of 52 for mothers and their young children now there's something wrong with the way that system is put.

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