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The biggest names in country music. Honored at the 2020 CMT Music Awards. Ashley McBride co hosting the ceremony alongside fellow country star Keen Brown in modern family actress Sarah Highland. It was a big night for Carrie Underwood at this year's awards winning video of the Year Honor as well as female video of the year for drinking alone. Luke Bryan one male video the year from one margarita. Dan and Shay picked up the du Award for I should probably go to bed and Old Dominion, nabbing the group on her for one man band. Matthew McConaughey sharing some shocking revelations. In his new memoir, the Actor Revealing in his new memoir, Green Lights that he was sexually abused several times. As a teenager. He opened up about his personal experience with sexual abuse, explaining that his first time having sex was not consensual. Felicity Huffman wants to travel again. The Desperate Housewives stars legal team filing new documents asking a judge to order the return of her passport. Lawyers say it is currently in the possession of the probation department. Hoffman is on course to finish her supervised release in the next few days. The actresses, attorneys say she has completed all other aspects of her sentence, including serving two weeks in a federal prison in Dublin, California and completing 250 hours of community service Jared Leto, returning his role as the Joker in Zach Schneider's new version of Justice League. It's not clear if the actor was always meant to appear in Justice Lee before Snyder left the feature in early 2017 the upcoming for Our Snyder cut Well, from here on HBO, Max in 2021. That's entertainment. Jennifer Belzoni, NBC news radio. News,.

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