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Because because you're his daughter, I guess, is what I could be wrong about this. But I, I think about this, a lot, you know, and maybe that's in my situation, I hang onto the business a little bit because I think my father believes I might owe him something right? And I don't believe I owe him anything, I think, yoed me a lot. I think I'm, I'm feeling that I'm, I'm feeling compelled be just because of who I am, as a human being, you know, I'm I love my friends. I love my family. Yes, he did a horrible things to everyone in my family and myself. But I know what kind of person I am and where my heart is at that, if something were to happen, the guilt of not being who I know, I am would overtake it not because of him, not, because I feel like I have to, but it's just because, you know, that's who I second question, are you setting yourself up for the disappointment, potentially, because that's the second thing you have to consider is yes, you're good person. And yes, you want to be there for him because that's your nature that you're calling. That's what that's what resonates in your mind. But in doing so are you. Exposing yourself to more and further harm. If in fact, you're disappointed in the way he reacts. Well, I, I know how he's gonna react. No expectation. No. Yeah. I expect the worst of his behavior as always. Well, I'm not I'm not looking to get back into his life. Like, you know, hey, let's be cool again. I'm not looking for any of that question. You have to ask yourself is okay. Now, I'm gonna put myself in the line of fire than in my if and when he disappointed in Weigel walkaway from this even more hurt than because if that's the case, then don't do it. I'm like my feelings. As far as that is concerned are so gone. Like there's no there's no part of me that wants to reconcile. This is strictly about, you know, perhaps saying goodbye to the man who had me or made me so. And, and that's where that ends really but it's still like hard. Yeah. Sure to, to think I mean he might fully recover knowing him, he might bio. So, yeah, that's where I'm at to their place. It's a weird place to be a lot. I mean, I think anybody even if you're a strange from your family that if, if you think they're on their deathbed. You least want to, like, I don't know some people don't, but there's a part of me about the yeah. Think about that, too. I don't know. I don't I don't mean to make your situation about mine, but I resonated with me so much, and I think that things that you're going through things I think about all the time, sir, you know, is by would I if I do something about my situation, but before that happens. But if it did happen today, what would I do? I'll know I know I will never get from him what I need ever ever even in his last breath. He would deny that he did anything wrong. But I'll get what I need from laws. You do. Then, then that's what you, then you have to follow that I like, what you said. No expectations. Thanks..

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