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Also stopped by his childhood church and sudden Bo's grave by this made winning Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes a priority after President Trump flipped the state four years ago. Soccer Megane Washington. Now Biden is spending the rest of the day in Pennsylvania just actually spoken Philadelphia a couple of minutes ago later on tonight, he is expected to address the nation from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Now to the president. He went to the Republican National Committee headquarters earlier today, Let's see what he's up to for the rest of the day with a B C's Karen Travers after one final blitz in the battle grounds five rallies in four states on Monday. President Trump has a low key schedule on Election Day. The president will pay a visit to his campaign office in Virginia a chance to rally his team as voters are heading to the polls. Mr Trump will watch results come in tonight from the White House. He's invited 400 guests to join him for an indoor event. Family friends, campaign staff and supporters. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS New York, Now Sara Fagen is a Republican strategist and a contributor to ABC News. She says, even though there are poles out there for favoring former Vice President Joe Biden, President Trump's quiet but nonstop campaign organizing activity during the worst days of the pandemic could pay off. You look at some of those Sunbelt states. They pre process there. Absentees. They have a high percentage of people who've turned out already, and they'll make those announcements so you'll get a sense of how the night is goingto flow from that. Now here 302 in Massachusetts are voting today mostly uneventful. A few snags as we hear from W. B. C's Mike Macklin. You may have heard it took me a few times to get my ballot accepted. Circles weren't quite dark enough not for lack of enthusiasm for my choices. Secretary of State William Galvin, acknowledging the momentary problem he had when the ballot box at the Edison School in Brighton rejected his ballot. Galvin dark and the circle signifying his choices. Problem solved. The secretary, saying he expects most voters should encounter no problems casting their ballot. The anecdotal reports we've had from around the state orderly lines, but no long lines. That is to say there were lines at seven. But they're proceeding regularly. It's a steady pace throughout the whole state gallon, saying he expects a record voter turnout for this election with at least 3.6 million Massachusetts voters casting their ballot in right Mike Macklin W B Z Boston's NewsRadio again just under five hours till the polls close here in Massachusetts. Galvin's office says. If you are in line at eight o'clock when the polls close, you can still vote, so keep that in mind. And you're gonna want to stay here for a complete election coverage throughout the afternoon. Well into the evening, right here on W Busy now take a look at the roads and 303 on this Tuesday afternoon, Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How's it looking like? Well, it looks like a typical Tuesday afternoon on the roads. Nicole, The South out Expressway is just crawling along from the O'Neill Tunnel down through Saban Hill and again from Furnace Brook Parkway into the Braintree splits about 25 minutes. Boston to Braintree to give you an idea, North found delays granted. Have a passing The poems that circle It's pretty good after that, Well, Route three South has some stop and go coming off the expressway, then down towards Derby Street as well. At the lower end of 1 20 eights Good out of Needham and Westwood Routes. 24 95 south. They're both clear down past 45 up to the north 1 28 north is jammed a bit through Woburn coming up past Washington Street and 93 93 North has him stopping go through Wilmington, a pass through 1 25 and a rude one North np, But you'll be on the brakes for a bit up after 1 28. Downtown store. Oh, drive East has backed up a little bit coming into Leverett circle and the leveraged up ramp is slow. But that's typical. This time of the day of the lower deck of 93 is good. The Tobin Bridge is fine all the airport tunnels. We're good for now, and the mass turn bikes off to a good start to My King. W B Z is traffic on.

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