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Guilty pleas dismissed the charges against them and order and early end to probation or parole hundreds of Americans were fourteen on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan that's plagued with a corona virus will those Americans on their way home right now more on this story coming up in two minutes it's twelve thirty five right now traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives years many to check out what we got a couple of problems in Orange County in the city of orange twenty two west before main a two car injury crash both along the center divider debris flew across the barrier landed on the fast lane of the twenty two east that's been cleaned up at the back up on the twenty two west to Tustin road for ten fifty seven south before orange door by car ran another vehicle into the right shoulder both out of lanes and it's a sluggish drive from Yorba Linda cerita six oh five north approaching the ninety one got a hit and run victim's car over to the right you are on the brakes at del llamado el Monte six oh five north at Peck road a motorcycle down in the fast lane the cyclist was injured there on the back of an ambulance now in the cycle on a flat bed still a tough drive from Whittier Boulevard south el Monte sixty east approaching the six oh five we have a three car injury collision one of the vehicles at the center divider flipped on its side a couple of lanes taken away the backup to rose made and in Montrose to ten west connected to the two south a two car crash both along the right shoulder it's a bit slow through the transition our next report is a twelve forty five I'm ready to check out with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio sunny today highs in the mid sixties to low seventies overnight low is going to be in the thirties ABS gives me nothing thirties no the forties and the fifties with some areas of patchy.

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