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Biden is talking about how his administration will battle the coronavirus. This is like going award you need a commander in chief, but spoke today during a virtual round table with frontline health care workers. The former vice president expressed frustration that the Trump administration has not opened the doors to a peaceful transition. He said his team needs access to information about plans to distribute a corona virus vaccine and a host of other issues related to the pandemic. The FDA is approving the first rapid covert 19 self test to be used at home. The loose era covert 19. All in one test kit is authorized for use on individuals ages 14 and older who are suspected to have coronavirus. The test will give results in 30 minutes or less. It's currently available for prescription use on Lee. Georgia is expected to certify election results By tonight Midnight deadline. All 159 counties will be done with the hand recount of earthly five million ballots in the presidential race. Voting manager Gabriel Sterling says Citizens should trust officials to debunk the many conspiracy theories. I hope that people were gonna trust his sources like their own calculations, director's secretary State site. To get real information about how the system works on what we're doing it to protect. Everybody's vote in this statement for counties discovered votes that were not part of the original count, but officials say that won't alter President Electoral Biden's victory in the state. House Democrats are solidifying their leadership team for the new Congress, New York representative Hakeem Jeffries announced who will be nominated poor term as Speaker. House Democratic Caucus elected Nancy Pelosi as our speaker, designee for the 117th Congress that will be affirmed by a vote of the full House in early January. Investors are riding their take on the battle against the Corona virus from day to day today saw losses with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling 345 points. You're listening to the latest from NBC News radio. The Ebola's outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is over. The country's minister of health issued a statement with World Health Organization announcing the end of the two year outbreak. The country had been battling its 11th Ebola epidemic at the same time as the corona virus pandemic. During that time, there were 119 confirmed cases of Ebola 75 recoveries and 55 deaths. Florida Senator Rick Scott is worried. NBC will give China a platform to he says, whitewash the nation's crimes. Scott sent a letter to NBC exacts asking how they plan to cover China's human rights record during the network's coverage of the 2022 Olympics. Got once NBC officials to reveal of China has prevented the network from covering certain stories, including the treatment of Hong Kongers and Leaguers. He also asked if China does attempt to censor NBC Will the network asked the International Olympic Committee to move the games to another country. I'm Rico show. As the global pandemic rages on. It's good to know some things just can't be stopped high atop Mount You Will ta ke Japan, they gathered as usual for the annual shoe tossing contest. But the affair, contestants gather to flip shoes off their feet while on a swing at the summit of the mountain. The idea to swing his highest possible flipping a shoe off your foot. Propelling it deep into the ravine. Most of the contestants were not very successful, but some shoes were lost. I'm Bill's emperor and orphaned Bieber that's been cared for in New York is becoming an Internet sensation. Orange County based wildlife rehab expert Nancy Coyne took in Beav after someone found him on the side of road. Now nine months old. Some of the videos posted show beef playing and waiting at the door to come inside. Coin knows beat isn't a pet, adding, she has to mimic his parents getting into the water. The sun With him and pretending to non sticks and Daniel Lyons. His progress is being documented on TIC Tac beef will eventually be released back into.

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