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My district is confident franscisco. Kim who is a professor of neurology at the center for neurologic diseases. Brigham and women's hospital. Harvard medical school at an associate member at the broad institute. Harvard and mit Investigate signaling pathway said control they knew discounts at euro. Degeneration the document goal of identify noble therapeutic targets and by loggers for immune mediated disorders. Conference is go. Hi thanks for having made today show you. Thanks for doing this. You have couple of recent papers that i would outdo love to go to the first one is Got licensed interferon gamma cells. Drive and information. astral saris you say astra cited a glee of cells that are abundant in the central system and that important kobe promoting functions. How little is known about the static. Anti inflammatory activities of ezra sites and deregulation before we get into the details of this francisco. What exactly are astro sites. So he's actually an interesting question right. Because if i were to ask you what is the most uncertain your brain. Most likely you'll tell me the neuron right yet yet. The most of on themselves in the brain are astro sites. They got that name because they looked like straw. Look at them in the microscope under the microscope and in four years there were so band they were just kind of thought to be glittered. Glue literally were thought to be some kind of providers for neurons to do their things. However nowadays we realize that these cells being stored on that are not just passive bystanders. Right there they are very important for our the functioning of our brain and spinal cord. We call this the central nervous system. You encounter a known so very important drivers of neurologic diseases so he you know you have the most random cell in the cnn yet. You don't know what it does. So so as a everybody knows about the neurons and their importance. But you have this. Microbe leah and mac leukemia cells. Right in the brain so astra slice is sort of a cell exactly when you think about leo sales from the brain. You'd think about microbes you think about which are kind of macrophages right these ourselves. That eat up stuff random. Then you have another center which is called audio dangerous site. Which were they does it. Produces it synthesizes. The insulation around the neurons right the neurons ahab Insulation tissue. I mean we could that actually allows to work and then the third type of lille sell you. Having the brain is the astra site. That's why sometimes you would hear. They are referred to as astronaut leah. I see okay and so so what do we know..

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