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Gas electric companies with high electricity bills utility tells the union Tribune the daily that it plans to go before the California Public utilities commission and ask for a number of policy changes aimed at reducing the financial burden on ratepayers. Am I gonna proposes is please? I want to see how forcefully it's worded. Please eliminate the high usage charge that they use to stick us for high usage when we need to use especially those of us in east county where we need to well, stay conscious. Not pass out not expire in the heat. I think the way to argue that in Sacramento just say, this is the to California's John Cox talks about if you're along the coast, you don't need to use your conditioning. If you're out in the rest of real, California, the well, then it's daughter or expire. I'm loaded that there's John Cox who was loaded up with coffee when he told us that particular deal. So. Well, we'll see how forcefully they do this. And we do get that there's a refund coming. I guess that. All SDG users are somehow tied to Santa no free. You just shut down. This is not on. Thanks, Mr Obama said, but anyways, so the he started very civil he must be listening to Hillary Clinton. Well, unless you can you can you can not be civil so. We'll see how this plays out because first of all all the increases offset the dinky little here's a little back. It's like your cell phone Bill. They don't want you to look and really see. What's there or it's kind of like when you do your taxes to the IRS? No, no, no. You should just tax me the amount that you actually need rather than taxing me so much and then giving me money back at the end of the year. That's right. And I make you think they're doing you a favor we're going to give you a refund. Yes. My money. But we'll we'll keep an eye on all that as we do. I feel very encouraged here on the Mark Larson show on AM seven sixty talking breaking news that I just encourage being here, Dan. Thank you. I may mention occasionally my problems with the transit system and how they count writers right because when we had the the ride day, and the you can you can get counted. Eight times if you stay on say the trolley from ninety five percent of the elected officials were writing it. And nobody else was they ride on take mass transit to work dates only elected officials for the most part mostly elected official. So sometimes I feel like an alone voice in the wilderness sank, we just build more roads and answer memo to Cal trans as well. Forget the high occupancy HOV lanes just give us more roads. Please. And besides why we begging them. It's our money. Anyway. And they are starting this edifice complex thing where they build new a new edifice like the Taj Mahal for Cal trans in old town have the roads gotten better or worse than they built that a few years ago. I would say worse. So put the money into roads. I know the mass transit stop is nice and politicians like the press conferences. So I thought I'd kinda thought I was being the the grumpy outlier on that. And then I see this op Ed piece that the mayor of Coronado Richard Bailey wrote invoices.

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