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Maybe made quite heck who communicated that wealth feel and you know coney in pay that is the word but you know that the no on the very instead why maybe you know about a wrong hopefully of making a lot of money and i don't know all the instruments i nanny understandable how there could be misunderstand david robinson while the all time great college players go back to his his career at the naval academy and of course on the all time great spurs winning nba chamber hall of famer joining us here on the dan patrick show doug gottlieb jim jackson in for dan and the deaths we headed to to san antonio tomorrow to join dan and the danettes five fifty east market st playing in the former home arena of dave robinson the spurs the alamo dome that's the final four is going to be in david's join his behalf of dove men care plus this march madness to eliminate the impact of carrying fans with with the real strength manifesto speaking stain with the spurs like one of the things i think is interesting is i still think the spurs if the marcus's need tweaked his knee last night is okay he's been playing far better this year than last year when the thoughts of may be trading lamarcus aldridge they have to think hey we can beat houston beat him in the playoffs last year and golden state is in healthy what's the what's the actual real upside of this spurs team even with the aging of monitor nobly tony parker.

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