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And David bell's steady in every single way, but he's not good. He's not elite at any one thing besides maybe the ability to go up and make some good catches in contested situations. So basically, he's a good complimentary piece. He's a good secondary option. Good teams need. I just talked about that with the cheese, but the Patriots need to play maker. Then give me George pickens. Yeah, I'm a George pickens guy right now. Now, I still love the idea of John mechie with Mac Jones. I know that it would probably have to wait a year, but nowadays with ACL rehab and surgeries and the way that they're able to get these guys so quickly back on the field and the fact that pretty much everybody that has an ACL comes back in is fine now. There's not a whole lot of guys that pull a Dante culpeper, right? That are just never the same dude anymore. That just doesn't happen anymore. So I just love the idea and I think it's so you know such an easy comparison and maybe it's a lazy, but I can't help but look at what borough is doing with Chase and be like, if you put Mac with Maggie in a guy that he's thrown to, you know, how many times between practice and in games that Alabama and I know that behind the scenes those guys work together a lot because mechie wasn't starting initially, right? Just like Mac wasn't starting. So when they go to on twos on twos and stuff like that and they run basic off to the side Mac and met you was a connection then as well when he was behind rugs and Judy and all these other guys there at Alabama. I just love the idea of pairing him with a guy he's familiar with because I think that that eliminates so much of the chemistry that needs to be built between quarterback and receiver. So let me ask you this. Why met you over Williams? Because I would say if we're going to go down that road, I take James and Williams. Well, how much did Mac play with Jameson? I don't think much, right? As much the same year. Okay. He wasn't starting either because they were all they were behind Robert. Jameson was at Ohio State, right? So I don't remember jamison Williams playing much with Mac, but maybe my memory is incorrect there. Because last year, they played so much with Smith waddle, metchie was like their top three, right? So maybe jamison mixed it. Oh, I thought Jameson Williams had another year there. I just still think Jameson was better. But again,.

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