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Of Americans evacuated from a cruise ship off the coast of Japan on Q. U. S. Air Force bases and the remaining pouring team to prevent the spread of the corona virus fourteen of those evacuated confirmed to have the only wasn't discovered that they were infected until after the whole group had boarded buses in Japan and headed to the airport escorted by Japanese health workers in full hazmat gear those patients were kept in an isolated section on the aircraft and are now being treated in Omaha at the university of Nebraska Medical Center for everyone else another two week quarantine begins today on base here and at Lackland Air Force base in Texas where a second charter flight landed early this morning Carolyn Palmer Leschi of Syracuse who shared their experiences on board the ship say they are ready to put this nightmare vacation behind the boxes Claudia callin near Travis Air Force base in California apple warning investors that it won't meet its second quarter revenue target due to the outbreak of the virus hundred still flooded out in Jackson Mississippi after heavy rains over the weekend is a thirty seven year record for the Pearl River it crested at mid day today in theory that's good news but there's more rain on the way that is bad news this is a mandatory evacuation zone so it's really nobody around these houses and when you talk to people here some of them are still trying to gather what belongings they can add other houses we're trying to stack up furniture so it doesn't get ruined pull out electronics the governor declared a state of emergency on Saturday there's a many as one thousand houses could be affected there's been sixteen emergency water rescues by first responders that property damage is going to be extensive fox's Steve Harrigan in Jackson Mississippi governor Tate Reeves warning people not move back into their homes until they were given the all clear America is listening to fox news reports matter most this report is sponsored by shoot point blank good afternoon right now with the wreck.

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