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Lectures will rebroadcast a 2014 conversation with Dr In Davis contests. This contest is a neuroscientist and an opera soprano. She'll talk about the effects of music on the brain and the neuroscience of creativity. That's next time on city arts and lectures here on its ahead of data clock. The repeat broadcast is tomorrow morning, Wednesday morning at one right here tonight. A 10 minute, Campbell have our forum rebroadcast at 10 for him getting an update on the wildfires in Bay Area air quality. 10 20 a discussion about a recent New York Times piece on the life and death of Briana Taylor, the young black woman in Kentucky killed by police during a drug raid on her home, and Amina will talk to the New York Times correspondent responsible for that piece. About that case, the forum rebroadcast tonight a 10 on public radio. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Elsa Chang and I'm Sasha Pfeifer. The new TV. Siri's woke from Hu Lu is both trippy and prescient in it. An African American cartoonist has a moral dilemma. Why isn't that his people of color? Always having to stand for something? You know, say something in our work and boy does he find out set in San Francisco woke also features an eclectic soundtrack with punk, hip hop and soul. NPR's Elizabeth Blair talked to the show's creator, aboutthe social conscience of this new comedy. Early in the series cartoonist Keith played by Lemorin Morris is on a career high, his comic strip. Stand better has been picked up for syndication. He's all about keeping the strip light until he experiences police brutality firsthand..

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