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Your you want to become a homeowner don't spend that tax refund on a big screen TV. Yeah. Let's get you into house this year. All right. Carlos what else are you seeing happening this year in the industry? That's people need to be on the watch for. We've talked already about the the wire fraud, and as that is upfront there all the time. You know, I want to go to the home buyer. The consumer out there. In regards the title companies. We're for some reason wearing the Caesar now that everybody thinks is easy to do the title work and everyone wants to become a title agent, title companies are popping left and right. A lot of people that are inexperience are opening title companies sounds like real estate mortgages. Just say that if you're a consumer your person, you're buying it. You don't like what you're hearing some isn't seem right. You know gift somebody else, a call make sure they're doing what do I don't mind answering questions to people? I did that for realtors all the time. I'm not involved in the transaction. But they don't like something's being told to them by the title company. I tell them. Hey, call me, send me whether sending you let me let me read it. Let me see it. Yeah. That sounds right. That's exactly what I would do or. No, this is what's going on here. So give me a call four zero seven two three four six two to four. You know, the thing I love about working with Carlos equitable title. Is that you know, he's he's not only knows his stuff, but he has gone above and beyond for my clients in the past he's gone to the hospital closing for me before he's closed many times in my clients homes after hours when they just didn't have an opportunity they've done some Saturday. He will go above and beyond. So I mean, if you're a real estate agent out there, and you don't have a relationship with. A great title company, you need to talk to Carlos and a taste them talk to cleave to he can get you hooked up with Carlos as well, you can reach cleave.

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