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It's ironic that you know, Trump couldn't exist without the media. He's the Frankenstein monster of the media. He was created by the media and I all I heard from pence last night with a bunch of speeches, you know, riddled with the same old lies and spin. It's It's very sad, You know, it's revealing that that huge fly past up fresh garbage and poop in order to hang out on Pence. Winston Churchill once said that the best case against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter. In fact, you know, the framers of the Constitution didn't believe in universal suffrage. They supported white landholders being able to vote and that was just because in those days they were the only ones who could read. So you know information is vital. And it's no surprise that when you have a Fox State news dedicated to dumbing down the voters on behalf of Trump And his fellow Republican con artists and hypocrites. You get people who are so dumb. They're willing to vote for a guy who's trying to take away their health care during the greatest public health crisis in a century. Steve in Florida, this is an on I'm sorry. This is Carla on the undecided line. Adam, Missouri. Good morning. You're next. Hello. Are you there? Yes, ma'am. Oh, I want to be. That's the beat. That lets you know you're on the air. Oh, thank you about Ideal love. See Stan Thomas e spent junkie. You're just about the last hope for Manti. Far above concerned. I have two points and I'll try to be brief. The first is about the virus. The one thing that I don't see mentioned anywhere areas if you'll recall. Clear back in January February, this virus landed and nobody, including fire just did not know much about it. This whole three bombs to us on the part of the scientist, the politician, the doctors they have evolved at Lee learned more and you know from this has forced reports almost every day. On television. They kept changing the response to it. So I think people need to think about that. I don't think that I'm not very particular. I haven't decide. But I think what? We're not looking at this Carol. We keep learning more and more becoming developing new of of treatment for So I think people need to just be patient. The second point is Oh, um, I wish both parties would put their platform for work. You don't really see a platform from either side. Vitals. They have a list of things they want are going to work long. We get these vague ideas and vague promises. I'm really getting tired of it. Thank you Loved the man NY. Thanks, Carl. Adam, Missouri. This is Barbara out of Florida. That line for those who support the Trump Pence. Take it. Go ahead. Thank you. I would like people to think back to remember Isis cutting heads off every day. We saw it on TV. You don't see that anymore. Do you remember the illegals at the border? It looked like a savage in thousands of people rushing our border. Do you see that anymore? No. Do you see my people working? Yes. You see, kind of illegals in Democratic Sanctuary state? Yes. Did the Democrats care about this? No. You see us paying less for NATO to send in their countries? Yes. I can't believe that thing's that Biden has gotten away with. He's taken so much money from China, his son or investigated in the Ukraine. I saw him on TV talking saying, Well, I had the prosecutor fire that was looking into my son's affairs. I was holding up American money. So the Ukraine until he was quiet and he was fired. And it goes on and on. Trump tells the truth. Investigate it yourself sunk a minute. Just think about the headroom cut off by Isis every day virtually gone now, thanks to shop That's Barbara in Florida. On the issue of the Trump Administration, the U. S and Coalition fight against Isis. Here's more from Vice President Mike Pence last night. A programming update on C SPAN radio. We're standing by to take you live to Capitol Hill.

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