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Our on the dennis prager show every tuesday the third hour three hour show was devoted to great issue of life i have argued periodically but often the theory is such a thing as credentials of sin i base my life on that belief i think most people agree with that not all is equal some people don't agree with it and there's nothing i can do except make the case that there i don't think there's a biblical basis or a logical basis by the way i consider the two almost always to coincide biblical values and logical thought why title my commentary on the bible the rational bible which will be out in a couple of weeks and i do ask you to get it to change your life and because i would like to see the bible once again as central book in america one thing i can tell you you don't write a bible commentary to get rich i make a living thank me to write this commentary but i do hope it sells well because the fault that the bible is not the most important book anymore for almost all of american history is very much at the root of the tragedy immoral tragedy of our time anyway i believe in credentials of sin and the one i'm talking about today is adults think predations of adultery i gave you the most vivid example of a case where i know that a man in fact legally technically did in fact committed adultery his alzheimer's wife who had taken care of for probably well over a decade had gone so far as to not any longer even know who he was and he had fallen in love with another woman so is that the same thing as somebody you know carrying on an affair and by the way even carrying on an affair i knew before i was ever married that i was not capable of judging all act of adultery how do i know what if anything drove a man or a woman to it what if they've been mistreated terribly at home does the other spouse in no way to be held accountable for the other spouse straight so you'll say oh prager is defending until three defending complexity must defending adultery defending being real in a world where i walked the real and the moral to both coincide.

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