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Welcome to ghostly is Hull House haunted as always we're your host. I'm Pat I and I'm Rebecca. Today we have a special guest with us. It's our Chicago Person Mondo Hello. How's it going not too bad anything going on? No no telling us how busy you are just work but about what the tunes coming out on I tunes Things have been a little slow that way when I get busy at work. It's a little harder. If it's hard to be creative then yeah 'cause you're creative in your job so yeah here. This is so exciting. We haven't had you here for a little while. The listeners are going to be very happy they are definitely going to be happy today. we're going to be talking about whole House and Whole House has a lot of history and legends and all three of US visited last year and we all agreed at. This would make a great episode. So we've been waiting and the reason why we're releasing this episode. Now is because December tenth is Jane Addams uh-huh Day Gene Adams is synonymous with whole house and So is the devil baby. But we'll talk about that soon right. Yes definitely Did you have any song for us. This time Mondo Oh no well. There's is a lot of songs I guess that could be done for. There's a Lotta Song won't let we'll let you prepare think about it and if it strikes you at any moment you just you just hit us up with it. Okay whole house in the middle of you. I see whole house down the street st from a good Italian beef which the Italian beef place holders else. It's right down the street on Taylor and actually seniors manny's beef. That's not far. That's just to the east of there with the name of the Italian ice place and Taylor. Oh no you know everything. You're our man in Chicago. I know I always wait in the car and my wife or my son. Go 'cause there's long lines This this is a an interesting Italian Italian ice place. Across from Al's beef it is. Yeah like Danny's or something that's that's it. How did I know that? And why have I never been there. Oh because it's too good to see you might become an addict addict. The line is too long it is long is really live especially on a hot summer day. Well then let's not go on a hot summer day. Speaking of hot summer days. I think we have some listener manual. Yeah great transition keeping this is. This is hot off the presses. This is amazing. Fifteen minutes ago like fifteen minutes ago listener mail All about our previous episode on the Clown Motel so This is really exciting. I had something else planned for Listener Mail but we will save that for some other week because we've got An anonymous Lou a request to be anonymous listener mail. Wow Yeah all right so you guys ready I definitely am ready. Okay Mondo you haven't heard this okay. You did hear the con- Motel Episode Right. Did okay okay okay. Mondo does his homework he does. He doesn't come unprepared. No He's always prepared. Okay all right listen to every episode twice twice twice. Is that why our numbers are so good we have at least two downloads per episode. Then right right all right. So here's the message which in regards to the clown motel. I've been saying there since it was thirty one dollars a night. WHOA hold on thirty one dollars a night? I know I know so. Oh a couple of things but please keep this anonymous K.. So per chetty was not a doting motel tell owner. He's slum Lord who owns a lot of the town and US poor people to do maintenance which is why screws holding in laminate flooring are are baseboards etc to suffer a second. So screws holding in laminate is that bad Yeah that's where you get squeaks and all that oh no boggling buckling and things like that. Laminate floors are supposed to float. You know they just click together but there's actually nothing that's holding them down so if you take a screw and then you screw it down then Eh. CAN'T CON- would naturally expands. But it'll buckle interesting squeak interest. Now this is not the current owner. I just want to emphasize that that he's talking about so you're talking about her. Owner seems really cool. It is updating a lot of stuff so I don't WanNa go it's okay to go in. A person has a relationship with Tony Pause while this person would know right person yes. I'm so sorry I skipped US A. Ah Please keep us anonymous because I do work in Tonopah at times he said okay The clowns were out there just as a kitch kitsch it opened oh as kitsch. It opened when theme motels were big and kids would want to stop there. Finally it's not haunted. The maintenance crews for years walked the property nonstop so those footsteps maintenance knocks you hear three three doors down you hear actually heard three four three doors down there pretty good okay go ahead. I'm sorry The the cemetery haunted. Perhaps little known. Fact is that's not the full cemetery. The map was read wrong so so where the fence is is just a portion of the bodies that down a hill slope up under the abandoned barn structure up the hill all bodies. They are going into leave there. Because the cost to relocate at name is to our to locate a name is too much Finally we'll tell you or at least told me the clowns never removed and the lady in red is at the Mitzvah a hotel and not a school and was a prostitute chained to a radiator. I believe the story goes. Wow so that's a correction there at the end but yeah so he basically saying that the previous owner is like not haunted. Wow I wish we would ahead this for the episode might have won the polls. Well I guess it is time for the pulse. Oh No we don't need to do the polls you know we always have to do that. I mean I I think. That's kind of an outdated thing that we do on the podcast and I we should he wish you think I think we should do the pulse. Mondo what do you think you have after the polls and it just has to happen. I'm sorry we know how this is going to an hurry. And it's like a band aid ripping off. Okay do it right okay. Okay so here here. We go and the latest episode. We talked about the Klein Motel. Yeah and the polls were really close all week. People were like lobbying online line. Like you gotTa vote for like it was really there. Were people lobbying for you know. No actually they were lobbying for you for me and they were like pats right. We gotTA GIVE PAT the win. What I know they're like this is obviously just a gimmick to get people to come to the motel? There's no way it's haunted. You were very very supportive. So you're believers I even in some people that are typically believers were saying so in the end in the end it was a one. Vote Difference Mondo did you vote. I didn't ah I always do but.

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