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Woo stuff came out of plano. That's kind of weird, and then wait a minute when I was at National Geographic, adventure, remember how there was that day that Google maps came out? And also people started e mailing in saying I found Atlantis on Google maps, you know, maybe there's, you know, maybe they're using this Plato story and things like Google maps, now that, you know, the internet is big. You know, search community to look for Lantis, maybe some of these people have actually like, good ideas about where Atlanticism Atlanta shows up in the appear booked. Yeah. Exactly. And that's claims through exactly does. That's what you know, I saw the newspaper clipping from nineteen eleven was like Atlantic from pigeon near. Atlanta's found in Africa. So you take these little things, maybe the leftover from the last book, and you just sort of play them forward the next one, because I am so bad. But I d I'm terrible with ideas. The best magazine writing gig, I ever had was at men's journal because Jason find the editor and marquee, the executive editor would just call up and be like, hey, here's a preapproved idea. Do you wanna go? Be like where have you been all my life? You know, it's hard enough with book ideas. But, you know, people who are out there, hustling all the time and send in a new idea every week. I don't know how they do that part of my brain. Just never developed, but book ideas are also big swing view been how far down the road of you Ben with something either pre proposal or a proposal that didn't happen. Luckily, I have like the world. Most blunt agent, Daniel Greenberg. I've sent at least a half a dozen ideas to him over the years. He's like this is not going to sell, or this is a great idea, but you would not do very good job with this. When we, we first book together, he's like, do you wanna see the editors responses from the houses and reporters, I'm like, yeah? Sure. Of course, more information is good information. So you just start sending these forwarding them blind lean. It's like this is a dumb idea, and he's not a very good writer, and I don't think he'd do very good job with this book, just like, you know, rejection after rejection as Daniel okay, that's enough. I get the. I get the idea. So. Yeah, I come up with bad ideas for books all the time. Are you on one right now? I have three ideas, I'm juggling. And he likes to of them to give the vague outline one is one involves elephants in Africa. One involves mount Kailash in Nepal, which is like the high holy mountain of Tibetan Buddhism, and one which he Daniel does not know about is I'm fascinated by the idea of what is lost, when we moved from a world where hand in the brain or connected through handwriting through drawing and things like that into a more ephemeral typing world you have kids, so you know, they're moving away from the cursive, and things like that..

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