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Delays southbound seventy one seventy five near rich wood road also some slowdowns through a construction zone north bound seventy five north of the nor what lateral now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. topic in the forecasted scattered rain and thunderstorms otherwise partly to mostly cloudy and a morning low of sixty eight degrees now for our Friday it's clouds and rain early and then the afternoon sunshine my high of eighty three at night mostly clear mile down to sixty two more sunshine and dry weather for the weekend from your severe weather station I'm nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. radar is clear seventy five in the tri state details of the case were so graphic the judge refusing to hear them in open court more from seven hundred to Ricky Chino a pastor admission at Cristiano el Calvario church and Sherrin bill is accused of sexually abusing an underage member of the church police say thirty eight year old Cesar Guerrero who's considered a prophet of god at the church used his position to influence the seventeen year old to perform oral sex on him allegedly saying she needed to do it the cleanse herself after being molested as a child police reports say he confessed to doing so and that Guerrero is also accused of abusing other females he was ordered held today on three hundred thousand dollars bond Rick you Jane newsradio seven hundred WLW just days after that mass shooting at a Walmart in el Paso it appears the retail giant targeted again police in Missouri say they arrested a man who showed up wearing body armor and heavily armed at a Walmart in Springfield this evening lieutenant Mike Lucas of the Springfield police saying the man carrying a tactical rifle quickly spotted and detained until police arrive happen in Texas seven and Dayton and all that kind of stuff the last seven days that's on everybody's minds because the quick first responders no shots were fired possible road rage deaths in Houston police say gunmen shooting and killing two people in the middle of rush hour traffic on local freeway this evening assistant Bobby Dobbins of the Houston police says the shooter remained on the loose for some time there were several witnesses they got out of their vehicles a couple of of witnesses were have EMS training and they were they were good enough to stop they started rendering a don't eight on both the driver and the passenger they provided CPR to both apparently the shooter sedan truck hit another vehicle causing it to spin out the gunmen then allegedly fatally shooting two middle aged men inside the vehicle that was struck here's a Reds update with the hall of Famer Nicholas castigate those hit two home runs and he and I have had a big game as he normally does when he plays a great American ball park with four R. B. I.'s two of them on a home run as the Chicago Cubs did in the Reds bullpen they broke up five five deadlock with the run of the fourth and the route was on another run in the fifth inning a four run seventh and one of the eight as a cubs went on to beat the Reds by a score of twelve five descend Cincinnati eight games back in the National League central division thanks Marty boy it was just one of those long nights for the red like your next update will be at midnight rob carpenter news radio seven hundred W. O. W. we all share the same vision you know we all want high standards for each other for ourselves and I think that when you can establish that and you get the right people in the building that you know you're all pulling in the same direction we will have the fastest team the lead on.

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