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With a group of students matters to teach his unique philosophy of set to america. Now in that program. Alan watts s people. These three questions he said. If you ponder these questions enough it unlocks a lot of new meaning in your life. The questions are who am i. What do i desire in. What do i know now. These questions sounds simple enough right but it goes way deeper last week. I was with allen son mark. Watts it was me the mind valley team and marks team. We are working on a new quest with alan walks and this quest goes deep into these questions plus two additional questions but mark explained to me why these questions was so profound in. These questions are why people today. Hundreds of millions of people love alan watts allen. What stands in the house. Raise your hand and make some noise. He's so influential volvo. Just use one of his talks in one of the advertisements. This was like six months ago. Now the reason these questions are important. According to mark watts is that. There's a sanskrit term called oprah and pyeho really means to get back in flow so mark. Explain it this way. He says imagine in india just as wild river flowing and the boatman there know exactly where to aim their boat so that when they take off from the power of the the bank they can gently navigate through the flow of the river through all the rocks and danger points and hit the opposite bank. That is pyre. It's being pointed in the right direction so that no matter how dangerous the rapid saw or whatever rocks come in the way you end up going to where you wanna go and he said these five questions are like pya for your soul for your mind when you truly truly truly reflect an answer. These spy type zen questions no matter what crap comes your way you know how to navigate that and get back to flow you guys get me so now. Let's take what alan watts was speaking about and connected with a model that you guys know as mine valley students and that is the model from my book. The call up the extraordinary mind. We're talk about the four different levels of evolution. Because as i was listening to mark. I realized that those three questions you would answer them differently depending on where you are in this particular model of conscious evolution so i let me explain this model. This model basically says that at each level of your conscious evolution you react to the world and shake the world in different ways so let's go deeper right many people in the world today. The majority of human beings exist at level one. They are living in what we call the culture escape and at this level the world happens to them but at a certain point people start questioning they start waking up they go to level two. I call that the awakening. This is where they realized that you can choose certain experiences in the world. Now when you do that enough you go to level three level. Three call recording yourself. This is where you realize that. Wait a minute. The world isn't just outside. The world is incite you as well and you start paying attention to your inner world as soon as you start going within this opens you up to level four and level force where i say you really start. Becoming extraordinary level. Four is where an important ship happens that completely transforms how you live your life and it puts you in perhaps what could be the one to five percent of human beings in the world today who are truly fulfilled. Happy and giving back. We'll explore that in a moment first. Let's look at the three questions right. Who am i. What do i desire. What do i know who am i. What do i desire. What do i know and in each of these levels. We're going to ask these three questions. And i'm going to show you a couple of things that connects what allen said to more than signs more than philosophers and many of teachers here at mine valley. let's start with level one. The culture escape so the culture escape is that tangled web of rituals of beliefs of ideas that come from culture whether you live in a tribe in some developing part of the world or you live in a modern tribe such as cooperation all of us are part of this culture escape in other words the world that we exist in is really a world that is happening cognitively in our minds based on beliefs rituals culture social indoctrination. And what are mom and dad and our media and a priest and our teachers and preachers. Tell us to be doing think. That's the culture escape but we don't see that because like a fish swimming in water. We don't realize that the rules in which we live life are not necessarily true for everyone else are only true for us because of our conditioning. Now the problem with this culture escape is that many people believe it's real and thus the become a victim of the culture escape the things that happened to them a break up a business. Failure being hospitalized severely influenced them. The worl- happens to them now. The interesting thing is alan watts said none of this stuff is real in fact. There's a famous lecture by alan watts. I'm going to play you a minute of that. Where he says this. There is no such thing as a thing. Nine to five is a thing. No such thing. Marriage religion god. Mindfulness none of these exist. They are simply ideas in our head listened to allen. Explain it in his cool.

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