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Yeah it was just happened little by little and then managers there at the time would have been through so many but they would kind of take note in if you're if you're a nice person charming and get along with everybody you hanging out there more. Maybe jamie's not there. And they need somebody five. We'll match your own long and it just became Hosted in holliston. Yeah a great was was a great move on your part because i did that for certain shows just when i was getting going just to get stage time realizing like when comedy use was the big show. Yeah i knew the guy that was it. He was like man. These were just always so stacked but we became buds. And he's like one thirty bones. But he's like i was in host so he's like if you're down so get them do it every wednesday sometimes three out of the four in a month because he just needed a host and yeah and it was a cool. It's another great skill. set two new melon. And it's like you know. A part of me would have some apprehensions. Because i was like at see people that were hosting all the time and i was like well. I don't want to turn into like that as easy to get boxed in totally but it was like all right. Well like it definitely made me half to always have energy right which i think is not bad and then be able to rip a little bit with the crowd. I got to be able to do crowd earn and do different shadow flavored time. Because you are a out of the gate and it's nice to be at places where you can get a consistent Run a show is because you're lying. Oh man these people are seeing me a lot now. I can't be doing the same ship. Exactly that's some. That's one of the hardest things like are you a are you a sit-down panipat at a desks right kinda guy or experience something sparks and you're like i can make this fun. I yeah totally all you know. Wake up in the middle of night sometimes to just write down. I yeah of the books and then i lost two different times notebooks. That were devastated so now. It's just all phone because he lost. Because even if i am one of them more so than the other but it was. They're both. I was able to remember bits of things but like dude. It was just it was just so awful zones like i just gotta even if i lose my phone i'll never always have the email access but every now and then i'll sit down and really stuff out. It just depends on someone's will come to me even like in the back of a newborn jot down a whole paragraph or something. Sometimes it's just nuggets or something. And i'm like well let me just play on stage tonight. Yeah it'll be like. Wow that's lazy like so come back to that in a couple of hours maybe and think on it or talk it out with With buddies yeah. I'm the same level. Has been jealous of people like like neal brennan who can sit down and just write for three hours and just kind of have his structure. This is the joke. I'm gonna take this. And that's what i'm gonna to try out. Yeah it's it's weird. Because i'm not like i'm not a super energetic performer. Se but i'm also not like a standard deliver just writer either as a weird mix inbetween but i mean i wish i had the confidence in both skillset. Yeah so when you got going out here did you You know obviously when you're coming out with a little confidence to la and you start getting some gigs. While now there was like the first thing that kinda would technically. The first thing i did was i did. Bt's comic view when. I like a month after i turned eighteen. I was doing the awami. I was doing the comedy. Union then on pico used to all time the of course. But that's that's another thing by the way that's crazy. So many people ask me how i ended up doing so many like black clubs and shows in the beginning of my career and still do. It's because black people always gave me so much more opportunity than white people did. Wow it's so strange. Like they were always more apt to be like come to my show and his wycombe. More like this was like yeah. Of course. I'm going to go where i'm comfortable where i want it. Yeah so. I was at the comedy. Union and Amber bickham whoever who everybody knows. She's incredibly sweet. She's all be there was like i'm booking it. Would you wanna do it. And i was like yes. The youngest person to be on the show at a standing ovation. My dog died the morning of the taping. My first time ever doing it. Tv thing god. I know my first dog ever by doug guy. Yeah yeah he was a fucking four in the morning the night before the show. I'm ball a standing ovation crush it. You start crying thinking about. your dog. didn't cry. But then the show got pulled before my episode aired so. That was my first taste of light. Oh god if they can do that we'll do. I get the footage own. It awesome okay so even know what it looks like probably in your head being do if i can at least get that clip put all to fucking blow up or th- or my reps have something send around people or something. Use it for something. Yeah but then i e while now ended up being the first significant thing. Did you ever find yourself. I know i did. I used to talk about this deal on coal. About like the first time. I saw doing You know Just real urban rooms. Where i would find myself being lag. Y'all motherfuckers feeling god. Yeah yeah a little bit of that. Yeah a little bit primarily when i was Again this goes with the long story. But gary used to own another club in atlanta. It's like the most ghetto club in the country's uptown comedy corner. He's own that. So when i was sixteen to seventeen summer between my junior senior year i would and i lived with him and i was working as club every single night so in that spur i saw i was just saying like the most ghetto comics every single night. The you do start to pick up on sure but then around seventeen. I was like wait. I i wanna be gary on which notice suspect to him. I love garryowen. I want to do everything so i was like. You have to break yourself of that. You don't want to get you guys grant over fuck pack pussy and grab a break the negative pussies berg. Ed fail my god. We'll erikgriffin will tell you a will confirm this story. One time i took a greyhound from ohio to open for him in pittsburgh and the pittsburgh 'em prow and i've just come from just come from atlanta for those four months and i went out to pittsburgh eric's crowd and i opened with a music. Cue a rap music. Cue bit guy and i had i and i had the slang and everything in bro. I know i.

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