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The wtmj fiveday forecast as were moving through this tuesday afternoon were fighting more thicker clouds breaking up and that means more sunshine for the remainder this afternoon very comfortable i seventy four milwaukee 77 inland tonight partly cloudy inland patchy fog sixty so nice and mile overnight tonight wednesday partly cloudy by late afternoon evening isolated showers and thunder showers are possible high of eighty two some of those showers could linger into thursday morning a high of 83 but we clear out thursday afternoon and it's very warm at the end of the week friday sunny and warm eighty four saturday sunny and warm eighty four i'm meteorologist mark mcguinness who your storm team forecast on wtmj the barometer is steady the lake michigan water temperatures sixty five degrees right now madison seventy six in green bay seventy in waukesha 75 degrees in the milwaukee sixty seven the hunt for brock tober is on as the crew take on the rival pirates are brewers game day covered started 535 i'm eric dill said news radio 620 wtmj good afternoon welcome this graffiti of bill set for a tuesday steven eric with you a cooler tuesday sixty seven was going to be nice week of you warmer at the end of the week could i golf any more than igov last week should i get out again is that possible is that too much for a lot of folks in our trip if that was the end other golf season but why would i not take advantage of the nice weather so you're not feeling it the days after you non muscles aren't that's the remarkable thing i feel really really good good sudden what that means because i can certainly lose some weight maybe that maybe the activity was good for me but all good here we've got a big big huge show we almost had too much stuff took to cram yes so we got a lot of interesting stuff.

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