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Shug investigation we know brennan used to drink beer and chubbier there's many stories about how good he was it we know he doesn't anymore twelve so when the beer's came out colbert looks at the camera off camera and doesn't switch a real you saw that then one might be darker than the other one certainly as a hey the shows also under investigation because the finish kb can you say without a doubt tom brady chug a beer last night i cannot say that i can't tell from looking at that where's the where's the head on their where's the frostiness you know what tom brady you wanna real beer drive four hours north up to stover mont and get yourself a heady topper at the outcome amory i'm suspicious and not just because tom brady's dressed like an international man of mystery there but because of this switcheroo look i don't know it might have been a beer but was it a real beer was it a gluten free beer i'm leaning towards something like that national man of mystery or frank is sola bouyed communications game into kind all right so we talked a little bit earlier about the kirk cousins contract and i just wanted to get into it and say is a big deal sure it's probably only going to impact quarterbacks but man this doesn't happen before for reason which is not that the union negotiators contract guaranteed contracts is set no player has taken the risks necessary to get there and i salute you kirk cousins because it every turn people's hold him not to do it his own team maligned him and yet he persisted and it was awarded a big today the nfl.

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