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Ever. He's poolside with a cigar right now. Hasn't lost again is warmer here than there for once. I don't understand for 12 hours last Wait. Was it Wednesday? I'm looking at my cameras, ice and snow. Segment. Get me out of the studio important that we have Brian Tome coming up. Next Stay tuned for some that old time. Religion is to wide not to get the vaccine by Brian Tome or wide to get it from tome sake, Willy on this April the 26 others Monday we say happy birthday to Josh Williams. Marcia Vulcans and the former first lady Melania Trump, Really, and Happy anniversary today. Donna and Ron Larkin of Ron's Roost. We love them and said, I want to thank Sean Dwyer. For giving me the idea to call Mick poolside and also Willie on this date 88 80 years ago today today at hallowed Wrigley Field in Chicago. Don't tell Mei Babe Ruth called it dope. The strains of organ music drifted across a professional baseball field for the first time on this national pretzel day. And National Richter scale Day. Said. Get me out of student report without historical data we leave you with the immortal words of the stewed report last season for us did not go well. It was an embarrassment. So let's pick another wide receiver. Continue.

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