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Pain indesit i'm still math interesting deem name welcome to the latest installment of the extrordinary negroes it is your boy j connor and i'm alex hardy and what you've been up to black man man staying alive out here actually been making a lot of progress with guessing joy probably working on that i can't announce one hundred percent just yet but it's been good to just talk you talk your shit it'd be some big news coming soon yeah we spend my team and i we've been working hard on pulling gets enjoy for those who don't know have a mental health initiative designed to help promote wellness and mental ability and such among black and brown folks and we're working on a big project that i really really hope to be announcing hopefully this week or next week that will be yes something substantial and that will live on ever and will be amazing in hope folks get their shit together mentally and emotionally so i'm excited about it goes to be involved involved in everybody will be pleased so that's been the biggest thing and trying to get my gear that any i'm bonnie going home soon like i haven't been home i wrote about having home since then go home for christmas last year so finally going home have those difficult conversations with family and go take a raking get loved on and soak up some some hinton virginia love and my grandma's food and get my mind.

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