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I mean, some people just could not accept their and Rogers. They still can't accept Aaron Rodgers even after bringing a Super Bowl to Green Bay and being the best player in football. They still love Brett farve. Let's let's stick on those. People were crazy, we'll we'll put a button LeBron Steph and we'll get back to that too because I know Omar apps is one of those guys who like a lot of Kobe fans. He just like a LeBron fan. So I guess he'll become a Lakers fan. Now there's some people just follow their favorite players around. So we'll get into that with Elmore when he. Comes show, but you mentioned Aaron Rodgers who played in in this preseason game. It was the second game for the Packers, right? Yeah. And Tom Brady played in the second game for the patriots. The first game. Why was the game one? Because week one. Why? Why? Why are we going to see any ram starters? Why are we going to see Goff take any balls under center? If we're going to see Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and these guys get? This is interesting because they're practicing well, they're improving upon what they've done last year. The highest scoring team in the in the NFL last season was the LA Rams and they've improved upon that in practice. So Sean McVay, Jared Goff Todd Gurley, the offensive line, the receivers. They're happy with where they are right now. So the last thing you wanna do is risk people because from from receiver on down to your right guard, right, tackle your pretty good one of the best teams in the league. You lose a guy here or there that goes away a little bit. Yeah, this is the second game for the the Packers. So you know their position to be one of the more high powered offenses in the NFL. Despite not having some of their previous guys Jordy Nelson or it's because you got Aaron Rodgers and he's playing in a game two in the preseason. Just think, I don't know. It's it's interesting to me the idea that just Goff you're not gonna see him at all in Saturday, not even for a series. I mean, do you remember? I don't remember any Peyton Manning snaps in the preseason. Some guys just don't play some guys just don't need it..

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