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As far as to why your oak tree may be dying in the summer time. I would like to know what variety of okay it would be Mr Know it could be, But if it's ah, native It's probably a Val yoke and I have been especially when you gave me that and on my walk, and I try to walk four miles plus or so every single day, But yesterday I decided to really walk and I went about six miles because I was looking for tree things since we're gonna be talking about it. On the other station, So I started observing the oaks and I live on an oak woodland behind me, and I started noticing that the val yolks a lot of them are already and actually, the Blue Oaks. Two are already starting to have crispy kind of brown leaves there started getting into their fall. Look, many of them have had The little jumping out dolls on the leaves. And when that you have a predominance of those those leaves all turned brown. Some of them fall off and they're all starting to fall. Now, the jumpy Oh, Gauls were more prominent, Actually, you know, they're the ones that sound like frying bacon that air jumping all over your patio and everything in early August late July S o. I suspect that unless we have further information, I want to know if maybe this is just a natural phenomena. If this is a native oak tree, we don't know the variety right? Exactly. And then if it's not a native oak tree, I will tell you we have a pinot Can our front yard a rather large old one ofthe Eastern note, And that's an Eastern oak and it's almost 40 years. Well, it naturally loses leaves about nine months out of the year. On DIT started again, so there's brown leaves everywhere, all over the ground hanging in the tree and everything else. And so that is just another natural phenomenon. Basically, we need more information. I think you've given information before on deep soaking if you need Teo and what we normally say with oak trees if it's a native oak tree We don't want to water him in the summer at all, except for under more extraordinary circumstances,.

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