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This event is presented by the council on foreign relations. Welcome to the council on foreign relations social justice in foreign policy webinar series. I marina asking vice president for the national program and outreach you'll see afar as a reminder this webinar is on the record and the audio video and transcript will be made available on our website see if our dot org and on itunes podcast channel religion in foreign policy as always see if our takes no institutional institutional positions on matters of policy. We're delighted to have ambassador. Michelle gavin with us today to talk about the conflict in ethiopia's ethiopia's tigray region. Michelle gavin is currently senior fellow for africa studies at the council on foreign relations. She was formerly the managing director of the africa center. A multidisciplinary institution dedicated to increasing understanding of contemporary africa and prior to distinguished career in the government from two dozen eleven to two thousand fourteen ambassador. Gavin was the ambassador to botswana and served concurrently as a us representative to the southern african development community. She also served part that President obama and the senior director for africa at the national security council and before joining the obama administration ambassador gavin was an international affairs fellow and adjunct fellow for africa at the afar. So michelle. thank you for being with us today. it would be great if you could provide us with an overview of the conflict in the tigray region of ethiopia. And talk about what's led up to it and policy recommendations as you see a what we can be doing here From the us vantage point or will thank you so much for inviting me to join you today and thanks to everyone. Who's taking time to engage with this issue. Which is wine that genuinely does. Keep me up at night And i think is is keeping a lot of people so this is a conflict that broke out last november but had frankly been along time coming. The ethiopian state had for a decade been governed by a coalition a coalition of political parties. But there was one group that was kind of first among equals that was dominant in this ruling coalition and that was the tepe elf and the tigrayan people's liberation front at so the the to which make up about six percent More or less of ideo pius population. There is a theo. Pia is a federation so there are states demarcated on maps with a different kind of local government and sometimes local defense forces as well. The tigrayans had been kind of dominated. Federally intel really..

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