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Sponsored by the Capital One quicksilver card I'm Steve Futterman in Los Angeles the death toll in the U. S. is now over thirty six hundred today the U. S. past China in the number of deaths only Italy and Spain have more deaths in New York City the death toll is approaching one thousand mayor bill de Blasio when I look out here I see the glass as half full which is the fact that everyone is rising to the challenge everyone is contributing each in our own way and the mayor announced more releases of prisoners in jails inmates who have the kind of medical problems that would put them in direct danger and those who could be released for other reasons as well again with some very strict guidelines and safeguards as of the end of yesterday there been nine hundred inmates released in the UK doctors there today announced the death of a thirteen year old boy he had tested positive for covert nineteen what's it like for medical personnel in hard hit areas here's CBS's David Beck now Anthony Majerus is vice president of the New York City fire departments and EMS officers union he's also a lieutenant paramedic I've never seen seven thousand calls in the M. S. to give you some perspective that's more than nine eleven so basically had nine eleven type calls for about eight days now Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser says her city is getting serious with those violating coronavirus restrictions we do have the ability to find we also have the ability to revoke a business license or any business that is knowingly violating the order a navy warship in the South Pacific is facing its own coronavirus crisis here's CBS's Cammy McCormack the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt says in a letter to navy commanders that due to close quarters sailors can't be isolated the spread of the disease is ongoing and accelerating some infected crewmembers have been taken off the carrier at Guam but there aren't enough safe quarters for all of them the captain wants a majority of the more than four thousand sailors housed off the ship with the remaining crew disinfecting it the White House is talking about another package to help the economy here CBS correspondent Steven Portnoy two years after signing the biggest spending bill ever written the president proposes spending two trillion dollars more on what he calls a very big and bold infrastructure package that might be welcome news to Democrats have been calling for such a measure for years Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is less enthusiastic about jumping into discussions on a face for bail preferring to wait and see the impact of the measure the president just signed last week on Wall Street today another bad day the Dow was off four hundred ten points and in the worst quarter since two thousand eight this is CBS news brought to you by the Capital One quicksilver card with quicksilver you are an unlimited one point five percent cash back on every purchase everywhere what's in your wallet from downtown Minneapolis studios news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news I'm laurel oaks the goal of these two week stay at home order is to buy time for officials and hospitals to solidify plans and equipment for the peak of coronavirus today we get more clarity about what that all means modeling data from N. B. H. and the you about using Minnesota specific demographic data has not shown any exact date for the peak of infections the governor walls and health officials are preparing for peak hospitalizations in the next four weeks I'm viewing this as if there is a miss projection we need to make sure that we don't believe we have more time than we actually do it officials have identified five alternate care sites for non critical patients if hospitals lack space the goal is that hospitals will expand their own ICU capacity two two thousand beds in two thousand ventilators there are currently about five hundred ICU beds in twelve hundred ventilators slow Martin newstalk eight threo WCCO lab confirmed cases of covered nineteen increased to six hundred twenty nine today in Minnesota with twelve deaths twenty six of fifty six people in the hospital are in intensive care college students and their parents are looking for refunds after covert nineteen cut semester short across the state Minnesota state chancellor Devinder Malhotra says they'll refund one hundred percent of the remaining contracts we have off after the of staff and done an incredible job in putting ninety percent off on that'll work twenty two thousand face to face courses online on video mode delivery and so so we are back in business the university of Minnesota meanwhile is refunding students twelve hundred dollars for unused room and board expenses which some say is too low given what's left of the remaining value some sobering news today from second harvest heartland about demand at food shelves statewide last week we distributed one point three million pounds of food to the hunger relief network last year at this time we did three nine fifty thousand how sourcing triple the need across the street second harvest CEO Allison o'toole says the situation is already worse than it was during the two thousand eight recession and it's likely to only get worse before it gets better with unemployment rising the CEO of land o'lakes says you won't have any trouble getting food at the grocery stores and food supply is strong our producers are Jerry produces friends since we're in what's called flash its peak production time and dairy production is strong you know the growers are starting to get back out in the field we.

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Capital One, Steve Futterman, Los Angeles discussed on Sports To The Max with Mike Max

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