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A new routine doing what? You seem like it's all going well for you. Smiling. Yeah and you. Soldier script. Hey but. You're shreve should be this happy because what if never gets me? Everybody's always at a meeting. Yeah. We're talking live. Yeah when I first came here is just like Wow. There's a lot of space I was born in Queens, raise them. And when they say, Oh, the city to me, it's not really a city 'cause I lived in like one of the biggest cities. So I, I, really enjoyed the space I enjoy being in my car. Yes good sort of enforced solitude. Like all right. Well, yeah. I have to drive for thirty meds. Solitude man is so real and then also there are so many great podcast now that you can listen to and you know I'm the girl who goes to the movies alone I've always been back I love it. I Love Peace I dunno, I love. Being with myself and you're clearly amazing mom. But what you're guilty pleasure. Like. What do you do? What's your equivalent to me like? Drying my hair for weirdly long time. Yeah. So my meetings are amazing because I'm like I can't give. MOM has to be in this room for awhile. Yes, she's like. I'm like. I'm in a meeting. Mini meeting I'm Yani. Now. This is let Mommy Dutt's okay. And then you're just like mom hi, how are you? I'm going crazy. The meetings go on for a little longer than they're actually over. But in my mind, I'm like, no, this is still a meeting like here right now I do take extra log showers for sure in bats. This is GonNa be the long shower I've ever tecoma got and I sit down. I enjoy it. Okay teacup because you're negative things were so great about La. Do you mind doing three positive things? Yes. 'CAUSE be like bitch leave La. What I love about La is sunshine at love for the most part like there's some really good people I met out here and I love will I still the outdoor spot that you can just like chill at? I. Don't know I. Just love that you can take a meeting at a coffee shop. You know you don't have to necessarily be in office and I love my God, the beauty I didn't. Realize like California doesn't even look like California like I'm like this is California isn't it? So Glorious? It's glorious. Yeah. It feels like a movie at that is the beauty of California there is that old. Cliche like surfing in the morning skied or whatever which came to sort of exemplify this idea ridiculous optimism. But then when you kind of see Oh yeah I don't know how to serve the ocean scares me. Skiing in the afternoon maybe or just hiking exactly the beauty of light and the opportunity yes which is also in our industry to do love Los Angeles for the idea that I didn't know anybody and somebody gave me an audition. So I could yeah, not be a waitress because I was a really bad one. I was a really good waitress you were. I liked it because I fell again to be a chameleon. Would you waited tables? You know like you'd come into contact with like a girl who's with her boyfriend and gets a little like I don't know if it was insecure whatever it is feeling like Oh God here's a girl who's waiting my table looking at you like an opportunity to like let her cu and like you connect with her girl I think you're gonNA. Love this. She's like really and I'm like, yes, I'm like, oh your dress united she just like let her guard down. I am and I feel like it helped me even in rooms whether it was directors or casting directors or even now, just producing stuff like I feel like I can win anybody over you tell me that this is not going to happen. It's GonNa Happen this guy so I feel like waitressing really. Well. Because you're absorbing kind very mundane boring material. Yeah or no WanNa leave people alone you know what I mean no one to stop you know no one to like okay. He doesn't need to be checked on anymore. He's over at know those people keep checking every two seconds you like girl guide please stop united. Godly. Get. Let's get to some life questions if you don't mind I, don't mind. Okay. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookie ice cream What would you eat for your last meal? Steak seared like crispy on the outside medium with a baked potato fully loaded and Broccoli with some pickering cheese on it and I'm good. Maybe a glass of wine. No. Like Pasta Pasta. Macaroni and cheese high end thing I'm just imagining your steak plate here. Now, I would stay your like. Last week I. Mean my mom's Mac and cheese. Amazing. But that's like one of my favorite meals like steak a baked potato and Broccoli right over allies them. Sorry. You're. GonNa conform to what I want. What was your favorite toy as a child? My favorites Roy. It's still crazy. I remember bits about. which like should There be we know what I had to play outside lot with my friends like that's what we did. We like five trees we played house Amita was more like interactive. We play double Dutch ION double. Dutch? Yup You should see me. Ask. I have to pull a thread a little bit when you were playing house. Kids, what was your role? Who I? Can I make a prediction? Yes. Okay, here's my prediction at the time. You weren't the tallest kid that was playing with you but you were definitely the boss he has an you were the older sister who got to go out on dates. I definitely went on dates. And you'd be gone for like five seconds behind the bush. Yes, and then you'd come back and be like, yeah, I don't even know if I like him but he's.

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