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Apply for complete details. Please visit Optima tax relief dot com It's 3 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway in the W. T o P Traffic Center start off in Maryland around the capital Beltway, with currently no issues to report to 70 corridor in good shape. Same goes for the I 70 trip. On 81 South bound, coming out of Hagerstown reported erect near Route 40 or just beyond the exit for Route 40. It is reportedly blocking the right lane. Sounds like North bound, slowing to look delays on the eastbound I 70 as you leave Hagerstown heading toward the Boonsboro exit, but nothing reported blocking their Closer in and Bethesda still work on Wisconsin Avenue. The water main repairs on going on Wisconsin Avenue south bound between Alta Vista Road in Cedar Lane crews will direct in north bound, not affected. To the east of town on Rust found out 50 delays from about Duke Street. Last report midway across Kent Island to get to and across the westbound span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is with three lanes available. Eastbound delays relieving keeps saying, Clear to get the toll plaza. Two things available for eastbound travel. Virginia. Normal delays on 95 going south from Wharton toward Woodbridge north and slowing at a sponsor, Vania and stretches toward the center Port Parkway. A few breaks along the way. Easy pass things one fully North bound I 60 60 brief slowdown as you make you wait through Vienna, leaving 1 23 toward Nutley Street against should be mostly a volume delay. We're brought to you by audible Take audible along this summer. Stretch your legs and your imagination with best selling audio titles in every genre. Get your 1st 1 free an audible dot com I'm Jo Conway. W T o P traffic Now to storm team for meteorologists Brianna Berman so low it's a hot day today. Once again, we're in the nineties this afternoon. Isolated thunderstorm chances are possible. We've.

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