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I always say he's super celebrity hotline and this time I actually mean. It Dave Navarro is joining us and it's an honor to have, you. Sir thank you so much for being with. Us we appreciate. It Hey. Thanks for taking the time I I'm surprised you play track coming, in. I love that song thank you into the. Lives of to Counts I think that's. The third time that. Song has been played so thank you Welcome our sonic genius Brian. Alzheimer's like yes Said. That yeah so cool Reproduces we've. Reduced us for the artists. We're very. Artists friendly here all right so we want to talk about this project that you're involved in because it is for people who, know your your life story which I'd say a, lot of your fans do but that. A lot, of people don't you, know they, just kind of you know remember you from Jane's addiction and run until he peppers and all the. Other projects that you've done but if the, this people who don't know you lost. Your mom to a murder, when you were a teenager your parents had been separated and you're splitting time as a lot of divorce case do between your mom and your dad's house you having to be at your dad's house his night that her ex-boyfriend came over and killed her and then another woman who's in the house. With. Her at. A, time right And and so you spent took eight years to find this guy right it including using the help of America's most wanted. Right Christmas wind is what actually took him down And that's how they actually watch that show Well that that did. Catch a lot of people over the years where did they? Eventually find him where it was in hiding did he do? His identity or? Did he become another person what would happen I believe he was picked, up on a different on a burglary crime In the system they got him News one You know the story. Expect. That yeah what is interesting now been made into? You you there's a film that's been made about your, experience here, your life how it impacted, your life and then you actually went to. The prison you went to San Quentin to go see this guy right What was, it what what were you what what did. You want to get out of that experience all those answers Morning sun Talking about right That's actually doing a screening condo hotel Right coming up on day after tomorrow. And that's the ankle wanna do this You can. It's, an. Event you have to go to, vent bright and look this up right Frightening it's brought, to, you by industry TV industry With an I d Bill Right. Right, yeah. Yeah Everybody's. Gonna, make. It, challenging That's exactly what I thought, when I saw that day that was like that, going in a radio interview, and when people misspell stuff they. Never think about radio anymore. They only think about apps Oh that's cute Being. Long these. Days, number eight I know So you made this with your, best friend and I imagine that was quite emotional journey for both of you. Potentially was L. coaster he was on the team We got in. The car with king quarters So this is what ended up taking about six. Years because it was the two of us Put together a documentary The screening on Sunday divergent Hutto Acumen Hyun h. toys Healing and survival rather than Kurtz only questions too Yeah This is domestic violence and the issues of this film potentially helping other people in some. Way do you imagine it'll have that impact or has it that is the? Whole I know that many people have reached out to me and And told me that? You know a lot of the one they were experiencing Phil Exchange so yeah Loves to spread that message very closely with a safe horizon which provides, housing for families, domestic violence situation no. More, or That are out there and we just want to spread that message to say look, the most unimaginable, is quite possible You know Yeah But even in the same, breath loss loss and trauma, is Those those messages don't, you there's there's something to be, gained out of the process I agree A lotta people relate to the story on. That, level yeah. That's, true well and also I think that's one of the parts of. This story one of the parts of this film is an unblinking look at the destruction wrought on the survivors here US Pacific and how it changed your life. And it it certainly fostered. Encouraged fed Addictive behavior it did others that you know it it is people are just trying to numb the pain of something like this and then you know you stop and here in Chicago it's interesting that you're, doing this day here in Chicago because the there is so much we see. So, much. Violence. And pathology result of in generations that, are touched by violence and then and then seemingly Shakespearean doomed to repeat the. Violence, because of. A, lot of things that you talk about in this film which is. About addiction and mourning and loss and loss of of basically a sense of anything will ever be okay again yes yes wow I'm just I'm so honored that you're you're having to style That's exactly right that's exactly right so not only is it talking about the trauma and it's not talking about the loss and the grieving but the fact that they're you know many times there's a whole that's, left in the victim in the survivors 'cause you watch a lot of climbs. Shows, these. Days. It's always about the psychology of the, killer and it focuses I understand that but what they don't really. Talk about is the family members leftover and what they. Go through and lives get destroyed lives geeky, well for us Sometimes they aren't able to recover from it, takes down a lot more people than, just the direct victim so I yeah thanks for bringing that up because that's part of. The, message is that. You know I definitely know things that don't work and I definitely know things that have worked for me and I'm, willing to share those yeah Well and you have an amazing story and your art clearly speaks for. Itself I. Mean, we were talking about earlier before you were here bragging on your little bit back, you bragging on ourselves for having you, on that was more like the reality is I mean you know you're one of the. Great The stand out. Artists of, your generation, in rock and so two You know to be, able to tell the other side of the story of your life and it gives people a sense of. Inspiration about where, you've been and how to overcome all of that but more importantly that really bad stuff happens to people and they and they have to find a way they. Have to find a way out and and you make mistakes in and I think that's the beauty of of this project is it shows that you can make mistakes and still be okay. At the end there is there. Any other, side, absolutely honored percent I couldn't have said it better in fact I'm. I'm recording. This and I'm going to type of my new. Fresh thank you Hey But the and I think people should see this if you if you're not, gonna be able to make it out to this, again explain how people can do. This it's gonna be at the virgin hotel on Friday night and go to a vent. Bright you go to the app or the website, event, bright and you're able to look this. Up I think it's. Version two thousand eighteen is let me make sure I get that. Right Was in the code virgin twenty eighteen is what you can use the industry app. Actually I n d I s r y not, making, it easy this industry guys are there. Dave and Friday night. You give them a piece of my mind on that let him The best part is reading this stuff so beautifully. And halfway through it I got I'm not even. Sure how to get I no I don't either I. Sure myself We'll see we'll. Try to work In this code Right No and that you will be giving a key will unlock one of ten, doors All right Believable The name of the film and if people can Google, it we'll reverse engineer this to make. It thank you Anez as easy as possible also put stuff up at our. Website wgnradio.com and also. Tweet and do all the rest of the social media stuff, send out links to this it's called morning sun Emo you are an i. n. g. morning is sad morning even I couldn't make it easy, to make it look what your dad. Helping day Is.

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