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A opinionpage by the editorial board itself he headline an ally is set to execute critics will mr trump be silent and it starts out by the editorial board a mushtaa by els swipe got was a bright 17yearold student on his way to visit western michigan university when he was arrested at king fahd airport in riyadh saudi arabia in two thousand twelve since then he has been in saudi custody subject to torture including beatings so severe his shoulder was broken in order to extract confessions that sealed his fate condemned to death likely by be adding saudi arabia's supreme court has upheld his death sentence as well as those of thirteen others saudi citizens tried with him including a disabled man and two who were juvenile's when they were sentence after a mass trial that made a mockery of international standards of due process now the only person who can prevent these barbarous executions as king solomon who must ratify the death sentences as is the case of many members of saudi arabia's shiite minority condemned to death in recent years mr squats say swai qods crime was attending political protests in the had him months following the arab spring two thousand eleven and so this is this is a kid who simply showed up at a protest calling for democracy in saudi arabia calling for democracy in saudi arabia can cause you to have your head cut off we say that again calling for democracy in public in saudi arabia king caught it can lead to you having your head cut off this is donald trump's best bud this is this is this is our best by this is the country that set a seventeen hijackers on nine eleven this is the country that we we've been bite oil from forever this is the country that has been exporting wahabism the most radical farm of sunni islam that that preaches violence and jihad all over the world saudi arabia the the where where the core of this stuff is coming from and we constantly let them do this i am not as a sovereign nations alec we have a lot of control over them but you know we should reward them by selling them billions of dollars worth of.

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