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Brought long says in a letter to agency employees that he is resigning to spend more time with his family long was under investigation by the homeland security department's watchdog and word of it leaked Justice hurricane Florence struck. Last. Fall officials found he misused vehicles, but long was not asked to resign. And he agreed to reimburse the government homeland security secretary cares to Nielsen says he led the agency admirably for two years through six major hurricanes and five stork wildfires deputy administrator peak gainer will become acting head of the agency. They're gearing up for a vote on a budget measure that includes border security funding and could head off a government shutdown by week's end correspondent, Linda Kenyon has the story. House Democratic caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries says he expects Democrats will embrace the Bill with one unified voice, I expect that there will be strong support. In all of the ideological quarters of the House Democratic caucus with respect to this legislation. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. That's Republican Representative Tom Reid who serves on the House Ways and means committee. I encourage my colleagues to recognize when you can get seventy five percent eighty percent of the loaf. Take it take. Yes. For an answer. The Bill provides far less than President Trump wanted for his border wall or border barrier. Let it also removes a cap that the Democrats wanted on the number of detentions. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill in Evanston township high school security guard has been charged with sexually assaulting a seventeen year old student Evanston police say on January night school staff told police that they received a report of an improper relationship between Thirty-three-year-old Michael Haywood in the girl. They began investigating and Haywood was fired six days later Haywood is scheduled to appear at a bail hearing Tuesday in Skokie and sexual abuse. Charges have been filed against Chicago public schools teacher for allegedly abusing a former student rob martier with that yesterday. Jason p Gill was ordered held without bond on criminal sexual assault. Solicitation of child. Pornography. Solicitation to meet a child and grooming charges. Authorities say Skokie police learn Gill had an inappropriate relationship with the fourteen year old girl who lives in Skokie Gill previously taught the girl at an unnamed CPS school Gill is listed on Chicago public schools employee roster as a part time bilingual teacher at an elementary school on Chicago's northwest side. A CPS spokesman says Gill was removed from his position rob martier. WLS AM eight ninety news. A look at the roads Edens either.

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