Professor Dershowitz, Civil Rights, Serbia discussed on The Joe Piscopo Show


In that it is in place it's right is because it's super supreme court would about this than the supreme court is going to hear arguments on his gay wedding cake controversy right so with that with that family that got fined because they would make a gay wedding cake right so uh i don't know how this all plays out i mean both sides seemed to have a compelling legal argument in a religious liberty verses in nondiscrimination so i don't know how that plays out maybe professor dershowitz at will have some insight that's a great question for professor dershowitz but i if you've got a business and and you don't believe in certain things and if faith you know you don't want to do certain thing then you you don't make yelling you've got i would side with the business you know and i am pro gay rights and in a supporter homosexual community but so then they married when it comes to housing which should you will not be able to discriminate against a restaurant where in a restaurant in your own the restaurant and you they walk and they say hey you know a ueki i don't want this against by religion to serve you then you got then it is a civil rights of front so that your question is is widow of acri could discriminate well restaurant yeah because you could go gimmick another cake in uncovering of the restaurant near eighty exactly but you know it seemed raises when someone comes in a restaurant and wants a cup of coffee ah i can't and are not going to serbia because you're certain color unlike reser because you're gay that is an affront to civil rights violation of civil rights but if someone as a business and help me out your because you're absolutely right let's say you're kosher bakery and you don't want us avenue a you know exactly a muslim above patient door it were not patient of muslim custom or or or a nonkosher perennial writing finally we only make culture is lando one of upo a cake with pork pork and cheese in it yeah right that's exactly right so abeba critical in.

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