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Great Lakes. Seven sixty WJR Detroit. Thirty three degrees at three o'clock. Good afternoon everyone. I'm Marie Osborne. President Trump says he'll take the blame. If there is a partial government shutdown later this month in a stand to show how serious he is about building the border wall. He hosted democratic leaders to discuss the money he wants that. They don't wanna give and can hold up Senate filibuster. We may not have any agreement today, we probably won't probably turn to absolutely as in front of microphones and cameras. President Trump debated the need for border wall. Funding of five billion dollars with speaker in waiting Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer in the Oval Office vote in the house majority vote for no matter where you are. Votes for the wall in the house. I would have never been one session. It doesn't help because we need ten Democrats in this back and forth. Went on for ten minutes with the democratic leaders leaving a short time later. Bob Costantini, the White House. More problems at canton's. No Wood Memorial park cemetery. The facility has had its Crema crematory and cemetery. Registrations suspended by the Michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs after an ongoing investigation determined that the cemetery's allegedly improperly storing remains of more than three hundred infants and fetuses and multiple Crips. Lara says the violations pose an imminent threat and violate Michigan's public health code the seminary cemetery can now perform cannot perform any new cemetery and crematory services, but it is allowed to provide services for any existing contracts or invoices a man has been arraigned in connection to the murder of a thirty six year old transgender woman in Detroit Forty-six year old Albert weathers of. Rolling heights has been charged with the shooting death of thirty six year old Kelly stroll last week st- body was found on east mcnichols at brush on December. Seventh weathers was arraigned on open murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony his bond set at a million dollars. There's an update on the investigation of to smash and grab robberies of jewelry stores in the Detroit area. Police say someone walked into the Tiffany store at the Somerset collection mall in Troy sprayed the face of a security guard with Mace smashed a case of jewelry and ran off with jewels before closing time last night. Troy police are not giving out information on the value of the jewelry or a description of the robber Clinton township police say three black males entered a cave jewelry store at Partridge creek mall before closing last Thursday, one of them smashed the cases where the hammer the other two scooped out more than one hundred.

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